Obama, His Administration, and the Leftist Media: Why Bother to Spy?

Ah, yes, nothing new under the sun about the latest news of Communist spies among us.

Communists have been here since the 1920s, when they began infiltrating ever so inexorably into key areas of American society: labor/labor unions of all sizes; all channels of electronic, print, and entertainment communications providing local, national, and international output; so-called institutions of higher learning that are today patently left wing in virtually all of their curricula (viz such worthy educational bastions as Columbia University and Harvard—the latter boasting it produced the eminent “Constitutional Scholar” Barack Hussein Obama). And, among other, innumerable areas of our society, Communists (not “Russians”) continue to spread throughout the American polity like a political cancer.

Spies, of course, still remain a very important concern for us; but we must not be hoodwinked by this event from the more immediate crises we are suffering under. This latest revelation further distracts us from the alarming rise of domestic and international failures by Obama and his administration. For starters, it is a safe bet folks along the Gulf don’t give a whit right now about spy rings. More than likely, they are beset by their personal economy, as well as the nation’s.