The Assault on the Cross: A Cross to Bear for All Americans

Would that the Bedi-Rassy Foundry in Brooklyn, New York were here to cast in bronze the simple, but powerful war-memorial cross that stood above the silent Mojave Desert—just as the foundry cast the Iwo Jima Memorial in another age, over a half century ago. The desecration of the Mohave Desert cross is not surprising, since anti-American and anti-Christian groups have for some seventy years worked assiduously to destroy our nation. In a larger sense, its desecration defiles America itself. Some will call it mere coincidence, but concomitant with this administration is the accelerated assault not only on our institutions and way of life, but on our Christian countrymen and their beliefs.

Only private donations paid for the USMC War Memorial in Washington. I’m not a Christian, but this veteran would be one of the first to donate to a Memorial Cross fund-raising program begun by the Liberty Institute, despite the political forces seeking to disassemble America. I cannot see this Congress commissioning any war memorial, let alone President Barack Hussein Obama dedicating it.