A Tale of Two Citizens

As I recall, aliens lawfully admitted to the U.S. can become lawful permanent residents and remain in the U.S. as “green card” holders. People who wish to become U.S. citizens can apply for citizenship after meeting certain other requirements of immigration law. In a word, you can become a U.S. citizen only in two ways: by law or by birth.

Yet Obama talks about immigration “reform.” What, exactly, in our immigration system needs “reforming”? And just how is our immigration system suddenly “broken”? Is it because millions of American citizens object to the millions of migrating Mexicans who insolently flout our laws and enter the U.S. illegally? And continue to do so 24-7? And what’s down the desert road? Make these illegal millions de facto U.S. citizens?

It works politically well to deceptively reframe the issue into one of xenophobia and racism, to stifle criticism and rising public opposition. Yes, as the media cameras and reportage dutifully accentuate, illegal aliens are devoted to family, have abiding religious beliefs, plus a solid work ethic. And, yes, like us, they just want to “better their lives.” These commendable traits, held by the millions of immigrants who began arriving here legally in the late nineteenth century, are not at issue. Entering the U.S. illegally by the millions is.

Veteran Border Patrol agents will tell you that during Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency, upwards of 3 million Mexicans were illegally crossing into Arizona, Texas, California, and on to other points. Eisenhower quickly put a stop to this, decisively deploying just over a 1,000 United States Border Patrol agents, a mere fraction of our current Border Patrol force.

Yet for all that, we see in this twenty-first century that Washington has continually failed in stopping the illegal influx of “immigrants” and the special interests that exploit them. We sit on a social, political, and economic time bomb with very serious consequences–consequences now emerging among the strained Border States in particular and within all other states (with, perhaps, the exception of Hawaii, Obama’s putative birthplace).

The tired notion about “who’ll harvest our lettuce?” is a calculated distraction. Except for the intractable Obama supporter and hate-America-for-any-number-of-reasons crowd, it should be axiomatic: Illegal immigrants are being manipulated. Their illegal entry and continued presence are effectively abetted and ensured purposely by groups working to “harvest” the immigrants themselves. Their ultimate goal is to use these illegal aliens to achieve political ends clearly antithetical to America’s way of life.

Obama works the angle of amnesty to condition us to think “amnesty” and not “law enforcement.” Add to this his administration, a tendentious media, and the various leftist groups surreptitiously planning and staging provocative marches of thousands of Hispanics carrying thousands of American flags, and you have serious political theater—all of which add further harm and insult to U.S. sovereignty.

Good for Arizona. Good for the governors, mayors, and other local leaders across the nation who are now beginning to push back.