When, in the course of human events, . . .

His in-the-‘hood strut is nothing in comparison to the accelerating gait of his socio-political and economic agenda that we must begin stopping in its tracks.

Obama’s tack toward Socialism will cripple America now and into future generations—perhaps beyond effective repair. The many maneuvers taking place fast, furious, and secretly behind closed doors belie his promise of an open, “transparent” government. The nameless people behind these maneuvers are themselves quiet and stealthy, achieving successes right under the radar of public scrutiny.

But there’s no guessing about the larger picture developing daily. It shouldn’t take a social scientist to see that this man, by his actions, has little regard for traditional America and its values; that he’s no friend of the military, let alone their Commander in Chief; that he’s antithetical to America’s founding principles; to Capitalism and American business; to Constitutional rights and every other right regarding our lives, our industry, our wealth, and our very sovereignty as individuals.

In recent instances abroad of unctuously bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia, ignoring France’s suggestion to pay respects at our military cemetery for some 9,000 soldiers on the heights of Normandy beach, using his “surprise” visit to troops in Iraq as a picture-perfect photo op, and apologizing to Europeans for an “arrogant” America, this politically pubescent president has at once diminished our great nation and roundly insulted us all.

It’s not the British who are coming. Barack Obama means to radically change traditional America into his America. Surfacing are the politically tendentious appointments of administration characters with poor professional resumes and histories of questionable personal and political conduct; the innumerable hate-America-for-any-number-of-reasons crowd; the “useful idiots”; the junk scientists and left wing “environmental” front groups; the second- and third-rate politicians—all of these and much more, working feverishly and synergistically doing great harm to our Republic.

And when we include the leftist monolith working our system, institutions, and people, including the putative “representatives of the people,” we’re seeing a political cancer sickening the United States, subverting the American polity, hobbling the nation, to effectively kill it and morph up a Socialist state. This is not the America this vet wants for his children and their children . . . and their children’s children.

“The medium is the message.” Our focus right now must be on throttling Obama’s agenda and on his removal from office. His campaign did not end on January 20, 2009. It’s still in motion at this hour, in other guises. Sometimes the “campaigning” comes at us subtly; at other times, it strikes openly from virtually every point on the communications compass. One way or another, we’re suffused daily with political propaganda and outright lies among artful PR for both the “public” and “private” Obama.

But it’s not only Obama and the Washington reps who are justly suspect. It’s also the entrenched, Byzantine network of leftists in our very government, in our labor organizations, in our education institutions, and, most importantly at this hour, in our communications outlets.

This isn’t the “rant” of a “McCarthyite who sees Communists ‘under every bed'” (as the leftists used to say to discredit and destroy their opponents). Our modern electronic media and Fourth Estate are blatantly discharging misinformation; packaged news; distorted news; back-paged news; and, in a selective, purposeful act of information suppression, no news at all—a kind of metaphorical C-4’ing of radio and TV signal relay towers across America.

* * *

“Now is the time to come to the aid of our country.” Which means, we’ve got to send Obama packing, along with his administration and the Washington worthies abetting him. If it’s something impeachable, by all means, the sooner the better. Otherwise, it’s the voting booth.

We need our Washington and local reps to know their jobs are on the line come the next election, and that we’ll solicit replacements now if they don’t begin showing signs of “stepping up” in defiance of Obama. We need to tell them we want movement on removing from public office the people charged and found guilty of malfeasance. Tim Geithner, Charles “Charlie” Rangel, and Christopher Dodd come to mind, for starters, as does the munificent Barney Frank.

The larger issues to challenge are hard to miss. But the lesser ones matter, too. They’ll surely recur during the run-up to the next election, and we must be ready to counter them: The attempts by certain voting officials who brazenly sought to reject presidential votes from our citizen-soldiers; the Obama tactics in using storefront- and street-politics throughout select communities across the nation; Obama’s support of “community” organizations like ACORN, which has been charged by many states with perpetrating voter fraud. ACORN, you’ll be happy to know, is now in line to receive a very large part of some four-billion of your stimulus/tax dollars, shiftily earmarked for “neighborhood stabilization activities.” And there’s that vexing vetting matter, still unanswered and curiously dismissed at every legal challenge, of the authenticity of Obama’s delivered birth certificate, sans official raised seal.

Move on dot Obama now. We must pass the word as far and wide as we can. This administration is aggressively encroaching across the nation, targeting all countervailing voices on radio and TV; American businesses and their employees; ordinary citizens and citizen groups demonstrating opposition; law enforcement agencies and officials attempting to enforce immigration law—even American farmers whose field machinery “generates dust that harms the environment.”

It’s not hyperbole to say the Obama administration is out to fashion a government that will intrude on and effectively assert some form of control over virtually every facet of our American lives—from pre-cradle to our estates beyond the grave, from our abodes to our zoos, to the very climate enveloping us; viz: Obama’s consideration of the environmentalists’ idea to fire tiny sulfur particles into the stratosphere to block the sun’s rays and thus “cool” our allegedly “heating” planet!

We might start by joining the “Tax Revolt” spreading across the nation, and by telling our Washington representatives, “no tax increases”—reminding them of Obama’s “promise” of no tax increases for 95% of us. Yes, his lie is darkly humorous in light of the unprecedented spending and debt he’s incurred for us and for our posterity. But the truth is, it masks a deadly issue of immediate importance, the kind that once added enormous political powder in igniting our war for independence.

We can build networks of like-thinkers among home-front family and friends, and get them to repeat the process. We can urge friends and family in the military to do the same among their units and among their worldwide contacts throughout the military community. We can even work on convincing Democrats of all brands to reject Obama. You may find, as I have, that many are now disenchanted and disaffected with him.

There’d be no greater victory than translating all of these sentiments into a fatal No-vote for Barack Obama in 2012.