It would have been better if McCain had NOT picked Palin for VP

Palin is the real deal when it comes to the type of leader we want in the GOP – she’s principled, outspoken, connects with real people – but thanks to McCain picking her for VP, it’s going to make it much harder for her to be a credible candidate to take down Obama in 2012.

If McCain had picked someone else, Palin could have stayed Governor for another 4 years and then run for President with a good amount of experience as Governor. After 4 years of Obama, people would probably welcome someone with real executive experience even if she came with some gaps in foreign policy creds, etc.

Now, people might say – but without being McCain’s VP, no one would even know who Sarah Palin is. Well, the national GOP could have given her a speaking slot at the Convention, etc. – get her some exposure, but not tie her with a doomed campaign. And, let’s face it – who thought McCain could actually win? Only Palin brought any sort of enthusiasm to the GOP base re. the McCain candidacy…

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