I dont fit in

Apparantly I dont fit in with the Republicans, according to everything I read as a conservative I should be a gun toting, religious, pro-life war mongering southern boy. I have never owned a gun, I’ve shot a couple, I like them but I dont hunt and dont like the idea of having one in my house ( thats what I like to say but really my wife is scared of them)- I believe that the 2nd amendment applies to all of us and if I want a gun i should have one.I’m an atheist but I believe that if I want to go to church, I can. Also I believe if my son wants to pray at the school he should be able, but on the same token the muslim children should have the the same ability. I agree that church and state should be seperated, I dont want to walk up to a court house and see the ten commandments but if they have been there for more that 25 years ( the age a vehicle reaches antique age) than the display is historic and should be deemed so. I dont believe the abortion debate applies to todays presidency race, I have my own opinions and this will anger many but I dont want the president candidates to talk about it – we have bigger issues. I did not agree with the Iraq war – I dont think it was in our national interest to our nation to attack them – we should have packed our bags and gone into Afghanistan to finish that battle and let the UN take care of it without our help. I do want Iraq finished correctly because we dont need another Afghanistan in the middle east. I believe in the Reagan principle that we need smaller govt but I want both party’s and washington to stay out of my personal life.