Reform Bill, The Affordable Protection Act


Today, I am proposing a new bill. The affordable protection act.


For far too long, protection has not been available for low income Americans. But no longer when this bill gets passed. For far too long, the only protection available has been for Americans to get emergency protection, but not long term or preventative protection.


So to get them that preventative protection the APA will cut the costs, bend the curve of rising protection costs. I bet you’re wondering how.


  1. To make sure all Americans have access to protection, it will require that all Americans purchase a firearm. Whether or not you need it or want it, we will all have lower protection costs if everyone has to buy one.

  2. It will remove any pre-existing felony provisions.

  3. To ensure that children will get the protection they deserve, they will be included..

  4. Gun companies will not raise their prices under this act. Since everyone must purchase the gun, the increases in prices will be stifled, the cost curve bent downward.

  5. If you like your present gun, you’ll be able to keep it.


So as you see, Washington knows best. People and States can not be trusted to do the right thing, to make the right decisions. So the Affordable Protection Act will be a win-win for the country.