Why this Independent is voting Republican


I’ve been an independent/ libertarian for many years. But that’s not what this is all about. My first book written in the late 90’s proves that. I have voted for members of the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian parties, as well as independents. The last time I was a member of either main parties was in the early 1990’s and I was a Democrat. But as I’ve already said; that’s not what this is about.


What this is about, is why I have made the decision to vote Republican this time, something I have never done before.


I am a Libertarian, a member of the party. But unfortunately, my party is not strong enough to stop the statist, socialist, big government Democrats. So to defeat them, I must partner with those who do have the power to defeat them. That would be the Republicans.


Pragmatism over principle is what some would call it, but in reality it is more like principle over principle. The principle of stopping Obama, Reid, and Madam Pelosi are far too important to leave it merely to the Conservatives. Without us independent voters, they could not.


So what are the catalysts that would cause a libertarian to partner with conservatives?


  1. Obamacare. The cram-down of this patently unconstitutional mandate set off my political writings once again. I thought after the experience of publishing my 2000 political book that I would stick to sci-fi. Obama and the socialist Democrats changed all of that.

  2. The constant name calling by the left. If you oppose Obama, you are a racist. If you are against Obamacare, you are a racist. If you disagree with anything from the left, you are a racist. What a crock. The overplaying of the race card has had the opposite effect with me. Now, when the left calls someone a racist, my first impression is that the left is once again lying like the boy who cried wolf. Now, I say prove it, which we all know is something not likely.

  3. The affluenza fueled class warfare. If someone is rich, to the left they must be crooked, evil, and got there by stepping on the poor and middle class. That is incorrect. The “rich” mostly got that way through hard work and innovation. And a lot of people that the left consider to be rich, are simple middle class to high income earners that started with nothing.

  4. Taxes. The liberals are on the verge of raising taxes on everyone. The Health Control Law has at least 12 new taxes, the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts will be the largest tax hike in history. The blue ribbon committee on the deficit will soon propose a national sales tax to close the gap. Here’s a novel idea, cut the spending.

  5. Cap and Tax. Already passed in the house, this climate change hoax bill would not help anything except putting more money into the government’s coffers and Al Gore and other hoaxers pockets who have positioned themselves to profit at the expense of the people. Pssst. Let me tell you a secret, the climate has been changing since the planet was formed, long before man was here.

  6. Arrogance. They know what’s best for us, we are too stupid to spend our money wisely. Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell? Too stupid for office. Never mind that the founders wanted citizen legislators. Never mind that one of the smartest men to ever be President, Jimmy Carter, was arguably the worst before Obama, another supposed brilliant President that has failed us. The ability to make a good decision, and to lead is not tied in any way to intelligence. And note that the principle targets of the “stupid” attacks from the left are women. Which party is for diversity?

  7. Jobs. It really is the economy stupid. Instead of focusing on creating private sector jobs, which would mean tax cuts for those evil rich, and less regulation, they focused instead on other things. See #’s 1,3,4,and 5 to see why the economy is still faltering.

Talking to other independents, I know that I am not alone. Many of us independents will vote for the Republicans. But take heart you Republican haters; We will dump them if the Republicans fail to deliver. We want less spending, less government, lower taxes. Stand and deliver, fight Obama the whole way, do not compromise principles or you will be voted out just as quickly as you were voted in.