GOP Plays Both Sides Now

Rows and flows of blow-dried hair,
And favored lobbys everywhere,
And garbled answers in the air.
They’ve looked at Trump that way.

But now the GOP is down.
He is the biggest act in town.
They tried to view him as a clown,
But polls got in their way.

They’ve looked at Trump from both sides now.
From right and left, and still somehow
It’s Trumps’ confusion that they hide.
They’re really going to let Trump slide.

Jumbled phrases make his spiels.
He blurts out anything he feels.
He promises that he’ll cut deals.
They’ve looked at Trump that  way.

But now Conservatives are mad,
And say how this will all go bad.
And though the GOP is sad,
They’ll back Trump anyway.

They’ve looked at polls from both sides now.
From win or lose, and still somehow
It’s push-pull numbers they recall.
They really think they know it all.

Hiding fears and feeling proud,
They cheer for Trump among the crowd.
They love applauding when it’s loud.
They’ve promo’d Trump that way.

They’ve locked Conservatives outside,
And think we’ll overcome our pride,
And join Trump’s wagon for the ride,
And vote Trump anyway.

They’ve looked at us with furrowed brow.
They note our fears, yet think somehow
We’ll join the GOP for now.
They really don’t know us at all.