Let's Make the Media Do Their Jobs

The mainstream media is letting the American public down. We are outraged that the government allowed Wall Street greed to bring about a near collapse of our financial markets. We should be equally outraged that the mainstream media is not fulfilling their civic duty and properly vetting Barack Obama. Mention of his relationships with questionable characters such as Wright, Resko and Ayers has not been objectively investigated but downplayed and minimized. I have yet to see anyone in the mainstream media critically examine Obama’s affiliation with the group Public Allies. If they won’t vet him we had better do it ourselves; we can’t afford not to. Arguably, Obama should have the race wrapped up by now. Everybody “hates” President Bush; we want change, don’t we? But yet until the last couple of weeks, many polls showed him ahead by only slight margins. His recent bump in the polls has been fueled by the financial crisis. People know in their guts that something about this guy is not right. We just can’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I believe a big piece of that puzzle starts with Public Allies, a government funded militant organization whose mission is to brainwash our youth into thinking America is a country of which they should be ashamed. Obama and his wife, Michelle, were founding members of Chicago’s chapter in 1992. The organization is featured on the campaign’s website and according to Investor’s Business Daily, Obama plans to use the organization as a model for a national service corps. The Public Allies website features smiling faces and appears to promote community service among the nation’s young, 18-30 years old. Seventy percent of its recruits are “people of color.” Public Allies promises a one year paid community leadership position with nonprofit or government agencies. Recruits are required to attend weekly training sessions and three retreats. In exchange they get an $1800 monthly stipend plus healthcare and childcare. Other goodies include a public service education award of almost $5,000 that can be used to pay off student loans and fund future education. It all sounds good, but, look a little deeper, and you’ll discover something else: the truth. Public Allies is a radical, militant organization whose mission is to reeducate our nation’s young into thinking America is a “downright mean” racist country in need of social change, and it’s being paid for with our tax dollars. The Obamas discourage youth from working in the private sector. “Don’t go into corporate America,” the Obama’s have encouraged youth. “Work for the community.” Shun the “money culture.” Can you believe this stuff? Capitalism is bad? Government service is where it’s at? It’s admirable that Public Allies promotes diversity and inclusion and encourages our young people to help in the community. But when they’re not helping out in the community by staffing AIDS clinics, handing out condoms, bailing criminals out of jail and helping illegal aliens and the homeless obtain food stamps, they’re protesting. By their own admission in a document found with a tax filing, their alumni are more than twice as likely as 18-34 year olds to engage in protest.

The evidence is out there, but the mainstream media has turned a blind eye. Why is the media coddling Obama? That’s the question we should ask ourselves. Why are they protecting him? The answer is simple if we choose to believe it. We are experiencing racism by the liberal elite. A liberal racist? Sounds like an oxymoron. But racism is the belief or doctrine that inherent differences among various humans determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. What the media is doing is racism at its core. Mainstream reporters are operating out of a belief that they are inherently superior, intellectually or culturally, to us, the general public, and therefore have a right to dominate us, and they do it by how they present the news. They are denying us the right to take personal responsibility and make our own decisions. I’m not Bush fan, but the truth is it’s not all his fault. Does he own responsibility? Some, but so do we. Re-visit the advice of our grandparents: don’t overspend and save for a rainy day. But Obama’s subtle message is that that advice is passé because “we can’t do it on our own.” Capitalism is an evil thing, why try? We need help, his help, and that is how he pushes his socialist form of government. He doesn’t encourage us to take charge of our own destinies. People risked their lives more than 200 years ago crossing a treacherous ocean in a tiny boat to do just that: take control of their destinies. They came to America not expecting anything but freedom. Tired of oppressive governments controlling their lives, they set off in search of a new way. Are we coming full circle? Are we going to give government power over our lives– through our health system, education system and economic system—the very thing they fought to get away from? Do we need government to take care of us? Barack Obama’s stealth plan of socialism encourages a victim mentality, making us afraid so that we freely hand over our rights. In reality he’s promoting welfare. But welfare was designed to be a hand up not a handout.Evidence is out there, but the elite mainstream media has turned a blind eye. Obama is promoting socialism but no one is calling it by name. It’s insulting, and we should be mad. If he has nothing to hide then tell us the truth about him, all of it, and let us decide. I want a president who has been tested and tried under intense scrutiny not one whose most challenging question has been “what’s on your Ipod?”America, we need to listen to the past. Look to history for lessons. Hitler and Castro both rose to power by preying on the challenges and insecurities of the middle class, inciting anger and class warfare. But don’t we agree that those who are willing to educate themselves and work hard should reap the rewards? Isn’t that the American dream? Obama is cultivating a new dream: A welfare state where those evil capitalist work hard then he takes half of what they make to give to those people who don’t want to work. Afterall, people who succeed do it at the expense of others, right? This is class warfare and class envy, two concepts Obama is using to propel him into the White House. Americans are some the most generous people on earth. We give freely, but don’t like being taken advantage of by our government.I’m not a rocket scientist, and I’m not rich, but it doesn’t take specialized knowledge or lots of money to understand that Barack Obama’s plan just doesn’t add up: tax cuts for 95% of Americans, people who are making over $250K “will not pay one more cent in taxes” and billions in new spending. He says he plans to tax only large corporations and that action will not have an adverse impact on us. Taxing large corporations will have a direct affect on me and you in the form of prices and jobs. Overtax them, and they send our jobs overseas.

We should demand journalists fulfill their civic duty and tell us the truth. I’m in a bad dream, and I can’t wake up. Cut to the dreamy music and blurry, wavy screen. An American flag is waving in the background, but something is not right: A first term, inexperienced senator defeating a tested seasoned war hero in a race for the White House; the liberal media coddling the Democratic nominee as though he’s a small child in need of protection instead of upholding their responsibility to objectively report the news; our free market marching steadily towards socialism. Is this the United States of America? It is, and it’s not nightmare. We are about to fall, and we may never get up.

Let’s not spend out time blogging to people who already think as we do. Let’s put our energy into demanding the media do their jobs responsibly. The rest will take care of itself.