Sometimes I just shake my head at the absolute arrogance and insanity of the Obama Administration.   The U.S. Department of Education – Civil Rights Office ordered a high school to tear down new baseball bleachers bought and built by the parents.

Parents were simply trying to help out. They couldn’t see the games clearly, because they had to watch through a chain link fence. A group of parents got together, raised the money, and bought the new bleachers. They then got together, and put forth the effort to actually build this beautiful seating deck as well.

This is called taking the bull by the horns, and solving a problem. This is all about being part of the solution, and not part of the problem. This is a group of great parents, and giving citizens, making a positive difference that will last for many years to come. They didn’t ask for money, they didn’t ask for help, they just saw a need, and went about addressing it. Then the US Government came in and tore it all down.

The likely reason, the girls softball didn’t have one and made an anonymous complaint to the US DoEd.  Seriously! Good parents take action and this is the thanks they get, while the whiney parent is rewarded.   Why don’t they take up a collection and build one for the girls.

Honestly, if I were the parents who paid for this, I’d chain myself to the bleachers the day the wrecking crew shows up and make them carry me off.

People need to wake up!  Obama and the federal government are taking a wrecking ball to the entire educational system through common core and top down mandates.  If you thought local control of schools still existed this story and the federal involvement in Common Core should be a clear indication that they do not want you to have any control.

Bottom line:  You play by their rules or they will tear you down. 


Karen Braun is a homeschool mom of six children in Michigan.  Five are now graduated.  Her two sons serve proudly in the US Marines.  She also blogs at www.stopcommoncoreinmichigan.com and on Facebook at SpunkyHomeschool