Oklahoma GOP passes resolution against CCSS

The political tide on Common Core is shifting.  Politicians who refuse to listen to the concerns of parents do so at their own peril.

George Will noted the shift in his recent column,

Opposition to the Common Core is surging because Washington, hoping to mollify opponents, is saying, in effect: “If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.” To which a burgeoning movement is responding: “No. Period.”

More evidence came today in Oklahoma.  In a sharp rebuke to Governor  Mary Fallin, the Oklahoma GOP adopted a resolution against the Common Core.   The OK GOP resolution is significant because Governor Fallin is also the current chairwoman of the National Governor’s Association (NGA) which owns and champions the Common Core State Standards as the cure for the problems in America’s schools.  Governor Fallin reiterated her support of the Common Core in her State of the States address to the NGA on January  15, 2014.   While she may have found a favorable audience at the NGA, she may have fallen out of favor within her state party.

Truth in American Education posted a complete copy of the OK GOP resolution on their blog.  

The first resolve demonstrates that the OK GOP is not afraid to take Governor Fallin head on,

RESOLVED, The State Committee of the Oklahoma Republican Party stands in opposition to Common Core Standards (by any name) and strongly urges the 2014 Oklahoma Legislature to honor and comply with Governor Mary Fallin’s Executive Order 2013-40 signed December 4, 2013 and take concrete action to stop or delay the implementation of CCSS and cease participation in NCLB waiver requirements pertaining to CCSS;

Oklahoma educator, Linda Murphy has been speaking to groups across the state about Common Core.  Commenting on today’s resolution, Murphy said via email,

“I am encouraged that the Republican Party State Committee has made such a bold statement. When we elect candidates from our party we must hold them accountable to govern by the principles they so boldly proclaim while running for office. Common Core Standards and Testing are ushering in a total transformation of education which produces centrally controlled education and limits individual accomplishment to comply with corporate training. Oklahomans are not going to stand for that!

Governor Fallin is  running for re-election this year.   The last time around she garnered the endorsement of Sarah Palin.   In her first term, Fallin largely ignored the pleas from the grassroots to halt the implementation of Common Core, in an election year can she afford to ignore the OK GOP?


Karen Braun is a homeschool mom of 6 from Michigan.  She is active in Michigan in the fight to defeat the Common Core.  She also writes for the Stop Common Core in Michigan website.