Mr. Duncan how about a common core political standard?

I hereby propose the “Mom-led” Common Core Political Standard.

Every politician who is FOR the Common Core MUST adopt the voluntary “Common Core Political Standard.” After adopting the standard, the politician MUST take the computer-adaptive Smarter Constitution Assessment and demonstrate adequate yearly progress on the fundamental principles of our republic and the United States Constitution. No waivers will be granted; after all, we can have no politician left behind as we raise the standards in politics.

Secretary Duncan, are you ready for a “higher-standard” in politics. Or are you a “white DC politician” who is afraid to take the Smarter Constitution Assessment because you may find out you’re not as brilliant as you want everyone to believe.


Karen Braun is a Michigan homeschool mother of six. She blogs at www.stopcommoncoreinmichigan.com and www.spunkyhomeschool.blogtspot.com.

You can also find her at Facebbok at https://www.facebook.com/SpunkyHomeschool