An Open Letter to Arne Duncan from Your Boss

Written in response to Secretary of Education Duncan’s thoughts regarding mothers who oppose the Common Core.

Dear Secretary of Education Duncan:

Thank you for apologizing for insulting “white suburban moms.” However, your apology did not go far enough.  You failed to apologize for Common Core, an insult to our entire nation.

Mr. Duncan, you may control the purse strings but WE (moms of every color and location) control our “brilliant” children’s shoe strings. We have the final authority and we’re saying “no” to your “higher standard” and your high-stakes tests. We’re not afraid of a higher-standard. In fact, we’re not afraid of anything.  We will not be intimidated by DC politicians and corporate profiteers who think they know what is best for our children.  We  will NOT allow our families to be bullied into  your P-20 (pre-natal to life-long labor) education scheme.

Our children are not your commodity to be tested, tracked, and shipped like a UPS package to their final destination–a job in the global economy. Mr. Duncan with all due respect, perhaps you have forgotten, that in America “we the people” are in charge. YOU work for US!  Get that right and you and the mothers of America will get along a whole lot better.

Your Boss


To join the fight against Common Core please join the group MAD on FaceBook.

Karen Braun is a Michigan mom of six, actively fighting Common Core in her state at www.stopcommoncoreinmichigan.com

Special thanks to Michelle Malkin for quoting my open letter in her Town Hall article today.