A Tale of Two Apologies

Let’s face it.   We all make mistakes.    That’s why ProFlowers has a whole section of their website devoted to “I’m Sorry” and “Apology” flowers.

Say it like you mean it – “I’m Sorry” – with a selection from our Collection of I’m Sorry flowers. Apology flowers make apologies easy, but nonetheless sincere.

Rush’s commentary regarding the testimony of Sandra Fluke was not his finest moment, although I don’t think it was as bad as the media makes it out to be.    He acknowledged his wrong and apologized.   But that’s not good enough for  Sandara Fluke, the left, or even ProFlowers.   On Sunday, ProFlowers became the seventh advertiser to pull their ads from his show despite the fact that Rush apologized on Saturday.

Maybe the fact that Rush didn’t say it “like he meant it” with a Proflowers bouquet  that really upsets them. I don’t know.   Instead, He chose to issue a humble statement of apology which he posted on his website for the entire nation to read.

Consider another recent apology for a moment.  At a base in Afghanistan, Qurans were burned, enraging the Afghan people and protests erupted.   When violence continued to escalate, our Commander-in-Chief fired off a three page letter of apology  to assuage their anger.   Unlike Rush’s statement, the nation was not allowed to read Obama’s letter of apology.    Never the less, Obama believes his apology worked and the Afghan people were calmed by it and lives will be saved.

Not so with Rush.   I doubt even a bouquet from ProFlowers  to every feminist who marched in SlutWalk last April will convince the left of Rush’s sincerity.    The left won’t be calmed.    This is war and his show must die.

(On a personal note, my sons are both  US Marine.  I like to call them Marine One and Marine Two.    This past Christmas Marine One  sent me a gorgeous bouquet  from ProFlowers while he was deployed to Afghanistan.    They wilted after three days and ProFlowers apologized and immediately sent out a new bouquet.   I guess they’re allowed to make mistakes but not forgive the mistakes of others.    Next Christmas, I’m going to make sure Two If By Tea tops of my Christmas list.   Thank you Rush for all you do for this country and the US Marine Corp Toys for Tos.    This is a temporary skirmish in a long war.  Be of good cheer, you’re winning.)