Timothy Geither's Price Tag $$

I’m back for another venting session.  Blogging is much cheaper then a shrink.  😉

This time it is on the appointment of Timothy Geithner.  It just infuriates me at the thought that he is even a contender.  Surely there must be other qualified people out there that have not attempted to defraud the IRS.

I look at it this way.  The man should, by all means, be held to a higher standard.  It’s a little different if I made a “mistake” on my taxes because:

a.) I have very little knowledge about taxes, tax codes and finance

b.) I do not have a life in politics.

c.) I have no desire to control any ones money except my own.

Here’s the thing – because I know I am clueless when it comes to taxes, I pay a man to go through my stuff and do it for me.  My personal price tag is too high to risk fudging my taxes and if I was working in a financial related government position, I would certainly make damn sure that my taxes are done right and without questions.

This is a reflection of Geithner’s character!  The fact the Geithner attempted to screw the IRS out of what? $48,000 – that tells me $48,000 is Geithner’s “price”.  Think about it, we all have a price!  Some people, their price might be as little as the value of one a cigarette to break the law.    (We saw that in our last election cycle and yes, I am referring to our current president and not just the ACORN fiasco.) Other’s it might take millions because they just can’t do something because it’s wrong.

$48k is very a very cheap price considering Geithner will be in charge of billions of dollars!   I’m sorry but his resume dictates to me that he SHOULD KNOW BETTER!  There was no “mistake”!  If there truly was a mistake then shame on him, if he’s that stupid he should admit that he has no business, nor the knowledge, of taking on such a position when there are plenty of people out there that are not stupid enough to make that “mistake”.

The second half of this that really irks me the wrong way is the fact that so many people are too quick to brush this off as a “mistake”.  Do they not care that Timothy Geithner will be in charge of billions when his price tag is ONLY $48k?  That tells me Geithner can be bribed with as little as $48K.  At least Gov Blogoviech has a higher price tag.

When did this country stop caring about people’s character?  When did people in this country stop caring that our political figures should be held to a higher standard?