How to fix the Economy...

The very first thing we need to do to fix the economy is to get ALL of the lawyers OUT of Washington!  Seriously, why the hell do the people continue to elect lawyers to run the government?  They have absolutely NO BUSINESS experience!  Sure they know Roe v Wade was about abortion and the 7th amendment includes the right to a jury trial but do they know what opportunity cost really means? 

Secondly, we need to outlaw ALL unions!  I don’t mean just the UAW, I mean all unions, police, teachers, teamsters…There was a time and place for unions and that time has passed!  Imagine if teachers actually had to teach rather then do just enough to get by knowing the union will protect them! 

Right now, we have a bunch of moronic crooked lawyers making a decision over whether or not to bail out the auto industry.  The facts are, they aren’t really doing it to bail out the auto industry they are doing it to bail out the unions.  That alone proves the moronic lawyers know nothing about business.   Unions are nothing but a noose around the neck of the company and they do little more than stifle innovation and protect dead beat workers! 

If our politicians were business smart they would be saying, “Let the Big 3 go into chapter 11”  Why you ask?  That will cause 2.5 million people to lose their jobs…why would you want such a thing?  There’s a lot of companies that depend on the Auto industry that will lose their companies too.  No one will buy a car from a car manufacture that is going bankrupt. 

To that I say – NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF SCARE’M TACTICS! Ask yourself something, how is the government giving the Big 3 money…..going to sell 1 car?  Do you actually believe if the government hands over the money every American will run out a buy an American made car?  Hell NO!  The Big 3 will be back in 4-6 months for another bailout! 

Here’s what will happen if they skip the bailout:

The contract with the union will become null and void.  This scares the Democrats shitless.  If the Autoworkers Union fails – this will cause other unions to lose credibility and power as they should!  Again, there was a time and place for unions and that time has passed. 

Anyway, getting back to what would really happen.  The unions will get their little butts kicked out the door.  2 of the Big 3 may fail completely, but 1 will come out of it and thrive.  For the sake of this diary entry, let’s say Ford.  All of a sudden there is only 1 American made auto company.  Competition drops drastically.  Sure there will be a lot of jobs lost from GM and Chrysler but without GM and Chrysler, the foreign auto makers in this country, as well as Ford, will be growing.  They will share the market once covered by GM and Chrysler with Ford getting the largest share. 

Ford and the foreign auto makers will pick up some of the employees let go from GM and Chrysler.  Meanwhile, a group of former GM employees will get together and realize that without GM and Chrysler, there is a big hole in market shares.  They get together and form their own company and name it a smooth name like, “Autobot”.  They acquire a fat federal grant for developing an energy efficient car and the next thing you know, we have a new American made car that gets 150 mpg and also flies.  (Okay, so I’m stretching it a bit but you get where I going with it right?)

As far as the automakers, I have no sympathy for them!  When was the last time a really cool car came on the market?  Not since the PT Cruiser.  I remember when it first came out my friends were on a waiting list.  Personally, I thought I looked more like a small hearse than anything but hey, if it floats your boat – go for it. 

Think about it.  We keep getting these big ugly machines thrown down our throats when most of us would much rather see small, sexy fun cars.  They haven’t come up with anything really new or unique and inexpensive.   (Although the unions force the price of American made cars up because of labor cost – nix the unions, drop the labor cost.  Why do foreign auto makers pay so much less labor cost and have a better quality car?  Because they don’t have a union!)

My first car was a Honda CRX, I got 50 mpg and it was fun to drive.  After 2 CRX’s I graduated up to the Honda Del Sol which was even more fun to drive, especially topless.  Both were small affordable cars with excellent gas mileage! 

I understand a mom with 3 kids can’t be driving around to soccer practice in a Honda Del Sol.  However, what the American Auto Makers fail to realize is there is a big market out there for small, affordable, fun and sexy cars.  We don’t want to see stupid little ugly cars like the smartcar (god I hate those things!) but what’s so difficult with coming out with some small, inexpensive cars with sexy lines and maybe a top that can be removed?  Not everyone needs a backseat.  I would certainly forgo a backseat over paying an additional $20K + for something I don’t need. 

That’s enough with the automakers, my head is hurting.  (Note to self – take some aspirin) The next thing we have to do is get the governments nose out of everyone’s business!  I swear, if the government used half the energy they use worrying whether people are being politically correct or whether people know how to make the right decissions about their own lives and took that energy and focused on cutting ALL the wasteful spending we might actually go out of debt. 

Government needs to keep their nose out of anything related to personally choice!  From wearing a seatbelt to smoking in a bar.  Leave it to the bar owners to decide if they want to be smoke free.  The wait staff and workers have free choice of where they want to work.  Let them decide.  Patrons should have free choice to decide where they want to eat and drink.  If a restaurant allows smoking and their revenues decrease or they can’t find good help, let them decide to go non smoking or bankrupt!  If I don’t want to wear a seatbelt, I shouldn’t have to!  If I want to eat food fried in trans fat – I should have every right to! 

How can we expect a bunch of idiot lawyers to make decisions on how to run a business or how to live our lives!?!  How can we expect a bunch of idiot lawyers to balance a budget, especially when most of the lawyers have never had to balance a budget before! 

Anyway, I have completed my rant for today….I will be back!