Neil Riser for Congress #LA05-Election TOMORROW!

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

LLPH Endorsed Neil Riser (R-LA 05 CAND)

Endorsed by Freedomworks and the Louisiana Tea Party, State Senator Neil Riser is the conservative leader that we need in Washington D.C.! His opponent for the run-off is Vance McAllister, who we were about to endorse until we found out about his true RINO attitudes.

Let us start off by saying we had some hesitations on Neil Riser especially since he originally seemed like more of an establishment type with the endorsement of Eric Cantor and a few other RINO leadership. But we also took into consideration that he had the support of some true conservatives like LLPH-endorsed Rep. John Fleming.

But here is the piece that told us we definitely MUST defeat RINO Vance McAllister:

McAllister said his views are almost exclusively conservative. He said he would vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act if given a chance but is realistic. “I think we’re honestly past that,” he said.“So if we know we have to live with it, let’s make it livable. Find the things that don’t work and fix them.” He said he’s heard other candidates say they’re aren’t going to Washington to make friends, “but I do plan to go there and build relationships that will make me more effective,” he said. “That’s what wrong; it’s too partisan.”

See more at: http://thehayride.com/2013/10/who-the-heck-is-vance-mcallister/#sthash.DtGsjBIR.dpuf

Make it livable? Past that? Imagine if this RINO gets elected to congress? Most get bad when they get to congress, can McAllister get any worst?

This is why the Louisiana Tea Party endorsed State Senator Neil Riser saying:

“Our country is at a very critical point in time. Pivotal decisions will be made by this Congress that could change the course of our nation’s history and this election and others like it over the next few years may be some of the most important our country has ever held. After looking at the run-off candidates, two things became clear. First, Senator Riser has not only walked the walk of a true conservative, but also has led the way. As a state Senator, Neil Riser has a consistent and proven voting and leadership record of leading the charge for conservatives fighting the liberal establishment. Second and far more alarming of late is that his opponent, Vance McAllister, is already talking like a Washington establishment RINO especially on major issues facing our country such as Obamacare.

Reid went on to say, “the Tea Party of Louisiana took into account a variety of public comments McAllister has made concerning Obamacare and criticizing conservatives for being too harsh on the President.”

“For us, the choice was clear: a clear proven conservative leader in Neil Riser or a new politician like McAllister who apparently wants to be a Washington establishment moderate. Washington establishment moderates do not represent the values of Louisiana’s Fifth District and therefore should not represent our state in the policy making process. We do not need Mr. McAllister to go to Washington to ‘improve Obamacare.’ We need to do everything possible to defund and repeal Obamacare and fight against this ever growing liberal agenda, and Senator Riser has the political skill and experience to help get the job done.”

Freedomworks stated the following about why Neil Riser would be the best man to represent this district:

FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe said, “Louisianans have the opportunity to elect a strong fiscal conservative to represent them in Congress and they could not make a better choice than Neil Riser.”

“Furthermore, as a small business owner, Neil has dealt first-hand with the regulatory burden the government places on our economy. Neil brings a rare combination of real-world experience and policy knowledge that is lacking in Congress, and he will be a force for fiscal sanity,” said Kibbe.


Conservative leader Elbert Guillory and the NRA-PVF have also endorsed Neil Riser. And our allies at the Citizens United PVF  endorsed him saying:

“Neil Riser is a principled conservative leader who will take on the Washington, DC establishment and not become part of it,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Washington is in complete disarray and the United States House of Representatives needs more members like Neil Riser who will hold the line against President Obama’s ultra-liberal agenda. Voters in the 5th Congressional District will be well served by sending Neil Riser to Washington to fight for conservative values.”

See more at: http://cupvf.org/press-releases.aspx?article=7572#sthash.AK3ZXR55.dpuf

Neil Riser’s views can be summed up in the following as he stated:

Neil Riser has the backbone to fight the Washington liberals. It’s not complicated. Washington, DC is out of control. And the liberals who run the federal government are bullies. That’s why our next congressman must be a strong conservative leader with the backbone to fight the political establishment. Neil Riser is that man.
Neil is 100% pro-life. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He has consistently opposed tax increases throughout his service in the Senate. He believes in the free market. He believes in defunding and repealing Obamacare. And he is committed to securing our borders, and opposes amnesty for illegal aliens.

A true conservative who will help lead the fight for conservative values…that’s Neil Riser. Neil Riser has been a strong conservative voice for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Furthermore, Riser stated:

“The federal government is out of control,” Riser said. “The IRS, the NSA and the entire Obama Administration have misled the American people and completely lost their trust. Does the Bill of Rights mean nothing to this administration? They’re invading our privacy, trying to take away our right to bear arms, circumventing due process and criticizing those who speak out about it.”


Neil Riser also opposes the Gang of 8 Amnesty plan, debt ceiling increases, and attacking countries like Syria where America has no reason to be there. (http://media.nola.com/politics/other/2013VoterGuideOctInteractive.pdf)

LLPH is proud to endorse this great TIGER Republican who will lead the fight for freedom.

Here’s his website and help him as much as you can. The election is on Saturday November 16, 2013: http://neilriser.com/

Let’s win for conservatives this year!

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