Rep. Mick Mulvaney (@RepMickMulvaney) Blasts Boehner's Surrender Plan! #DefundObamacare

From The Hill:

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) told The Hill on Friday that if GOP leaders follow through with a plan to bring up a short-term continuing resolution in September that simply keeps spending at sequester levels, he would oppose it, and suggested there were many others who felt the same way.

“A short-term CR that doesn’t have any conservative principles attached to it other than the spending levels, I just won’t be able to support,” he said. “I think it’s fair to say it’ll be a challenge to pass it with just Republican votes.”

Mulvaney said he understood the rationale behind the approach, saying that the debt limit is a “better battlefield” for Republicans than avoiding a government shutdown. But he questioned the tactics, in which Republicans are pushing many of the biggest fights on the table, including efforts to stymie the president’s healthcare reform law, back several weeks in an attempt to avoid a standoff that could be politically damaging to the party.

“In the past, when the House has been the weakest is when the House tried to anticipate what could pass the Senate,” he said. “When the House was the strongest was when we passed good conservative bills out of the House.”

Mulvaney is no stranger to bucking party leaders — he was one of a handful of conservative Republicans to not vote for Boehner to be Speaker at the beginning of 2013, and has opposed other measures back by House leaders, such as the farm bill.

But he said there were many members outside of the usual rabble-rousers who also expressed concerns.

“The opposition to the clean, short-term CR came from some unexpected corners. It wasn’t just Raul Labrador,” he said, referring to the Idaho Tea Party lawmaker who also is known to push back against GOP leaders.

If Mulvaney’s concerns are emblematic of broader concerns among conservative House Republicans, it could be a sign that Boehner will yet again struggle to rally his majority around a contentious piece of legislation, and that a government shutdown could only be avoided with some help from Democrats in the minority.

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We applaud Rep. Mulvaney for his strong leadership on these conservative issues and encourage him to keep up the fight! What is really sad though is the fact that we conservatives must beg our supposed “leaders” to actually fight. Rep. Mulvaney should be speaker…not RINO Speaker Boehner!

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