The House GOP Committee Chairmen Are Pathetic!

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Yesterday, LLPH released our scorecard for the 113th Congress 1st Session January-June 2013. We will be doing another scorecard for July-December 2013, but this first official scorecard provided a glimpse at the way members are performing.

While we did score issues that some conservatives may disagree on, such as cuts to national defense, it was absolutely possible to receive a passing score without cutting a penny from any national defense program (just ask Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK 1) who scored an excellent 80% on our scorecard)!

You can see our scorecards here (look for the bolded one): http://llphsecondrevolution.wordpress.com/llph-scorecards/

This analysis is concerning the GOP chairmen, who for the most part, failed in our scorecard. The only passing chairmen were Chairmen Hensarling, Royce, and Goodlatte. See below:





Frank Lucas (OK-3)

19%: F-


Hal Rogers (KY-5)

28%: F-

Armed Services

Buck McKeon (CA-25)

27%: F-

Education and Workforce

John Kline (MN-2)

47%: F

Energy and Commerce

Fred Upton (MI-6)

42%: F


Mike Conaway (TX-11)

39%: F


Paul Ryan (WI-1)

56%: F

Financial Services

Jeb Hensarling (TX 5)

64%: D

Foreign Affairs

Ed Royce (CA 39)

62%: D

Homeland Security

Michael McCaul (TX 10)

52%: F

House Administration

Candice Miller (MI 10)

44%: F


Bob Goodlatte (VA 6)

63%: D

Natural Resources

Doc Hastings (WA 4)

39%: F

Oversight and Government Reform

Darrell Issa (CA 49)

47%: F


Pete Sessions (TX 32)

44%: F

Science, Space, and Technology

Lamar Smith (TX 21)

48%: F

Small Business

Sam Graves (MO 6)

38%: F

Transportation and Infrastructure

Bill Shuster (PA 9)

50%: F

Veterans Affairs

Jeff Miller (FL 1)

52%: F

Ways and Means

Dave Camp (MI 4)

42%: F

Special Intelligence Committee

Mike Rogers (MI 8)

42%: F

In 2014, conservatives must make it our mission to fire most of these chairmen  so that new and more conservative members can take their positions. It should be noted that chairmen like Issa and Ryan have been doing more than their scores would show, and they should be kept even though their scores are quite low. But 2014 is the year we must primary the RINOs! It is time to clean house!