LLPH Congressional Scorecard Released for January-June 2013!

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Here’s the Scorecard (more info below): 113th House-Senate Total OVERALL Scorecard

An exciting 6 months have passed, and LLPH is now releasing our 113th Congress Scorecard for January-June 2013. But first, a review of the 6 months:

LIFE: The House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 1797), a strong pro-life bill. Unfortunately, the Senate (controlled by the Democrats) is unlikely to take up this bill. Also, the House is continuing to fight to repeal Obamacare, but there are very few Republicans who are strong enough to fight for a DEFUNDING of Obamacare! In the coming months, especially with the debt ceiling fight coming up, LLPH expects true conservatives (especially if they want us to support them in the 2014 elections) to fight to include provisions to defund Obamacare. We need conscience protections and nobody should have their religious freedom violated by the Federal Government.

Liberty: Gun Control.  CISPA. Indefinite Detention. First, let’s discuss something that ALL true conservatives agree on…the 2nd Amendment. All people have the right to bear arms and the debate that the Senate had on whether to infringe on this precious right was downright ridiculous. Our rights should not be up for a debate, and more gun control legislation has clearly not worked (example: Chicago). We must continue to elect people who will defend the 2nd Amendment and any violators should be thrown out. We need a smaller, less oppressive government, not a large government. The recent scandals have proven the need for the 2nd Amendment (even liberal Piers Morgan agrees). Now, moving on to CISPA. Some conservatives supported CISPA, saying that it is for our “national defense”. But these people should seriously consider what happened in the past months with the NSA, the Patriot Act, etc. All of these things were made and passed for the right reasons, but they have led to our civil liberties being violated. The Smith-Gibson Amendment was also voted on, concerning the indefinite detention of human beings. Some groups, like the Heritage Foundation, opposed this amendment, saying that it would be aiding terrorists and that these terrorists could be released onto American streets. Sadly, they have less faith in our Constitution that our founders wrote. The Constitution clearly states, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial…” Notice that our founders did not state citizens, but instead the accused. LLPH believes that the Constitution should be read on a strict interpretation, and we believe that the Constitution is one of the strongest documents…we must treat all accused with respect and consider them innocent until proven guilty. We must not give up our liberties or the liberties of any persons for the sake of a little security.

Pursuit of Happiness: These past 6 months have been a challenging time for fiscal conservatives as debt ceiling increases, wasteful spending in the form of big debates, but worst small debates have passed. The future of the next generation is being squandered by big government Republicans (RINOs) and liberal Democrats. Thankfully, LLPHers and conservatives achieved a massive victory through the defeat of the House Farm Bill. Conservatives united and 62 Republicans joined with liberal Democrats (who felt that there were too much spending cuts) to kill this bill! In the coming months, the GOP leadership in the House should be advised that CONSERVATIVE and FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE legislation is EXPECTED AND ORDERED! If they want to act like Democrats, they should pack their bags and go home! We expect them to cut spending, refuse to raise the debt ceiling without true spending cuts, cut taxes, and reform entitlement programs. If the current leadership doesn’t want to do this, they should resign and stop destroying the next generation’s future.

Review the scorecard, the websites of roll call votes, and this week while your members are back in the districts/states, contact them and urge them to either be more conservative or thank/encourage them if they are doing a good job.

Now for the Scorecard:

113th House-Senate Total OVERALL Scorecard

Here are the members of both chambers who passed (receiving at least a D letter grade):

Members Passing 113th Congress January-June 2013

And here are the list of votes that were scored these past 6 months:

List of House Key Votes with Websites 113th Congress January-June 2013

List of Senate Key Votes with Websites 113th Congress January-June 2013

As always, you can view our month-by-month scorecard here: http://llphsecondrevolution.wordpress.com/llph-scorecards/

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