Tomorrow: GOP House Will Vote To Pass Wasteful Continuing Resolution!

No rules passed. No debate on rules. No amendments allowed. Tomorrow, the GOP House will likely vote to pass the Continuing Resolution of the Senate. House GOP leadership won’t even allow discussion in opposition to the bill. It will be interesting to see which Spineless Republicans vote to pass this wasteful continuing resolution (or if the GOP leadership will break the Hastart Rule AGAIN!)

The Senate added 3 additional department funding to the bill which increased the cost to additional billions. True conservatives must oppose this bill tomorrow.

This was the unanimous consent agreement that was passed for tomorrow’s debate:

Mr. Speaker:
I ask unanimous consent that –
· it shall be in order at any time to take from
the Speaker’s table the bill, H.R. 933, with Senate
amendment(s) thereto, and to consider in the House,
without intervention of any point of order, a motion
offered by the chair of the Committee on
Appropriations or his designee that the House concur
in the Senate amendment(s);
· the Senate amendment(s) and the motion
shall be considered as read; the motion shall be
debatable for one hour equally divided and controlled
by the chair and ranking minority member of the
Committee on Appropriations; and the previous
question shall be considered as ordered on the
motion to adoption without intervening motion or
demand for division of the question.

Tomorrow, we will learn why it is not just enough to vote for people with (R)s after their names. Tomorrow, we will learn which GOP members are truly serious about cutting our debt. Because any member who votes for this bill cannot call him/herself a conservative…period.

And by the way, Speaker Boehner and Co. need to be replaced. Their record of fighting is pathetic.

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