Let Sequestration Happen To Save Our Fiscal State!

Only in Washington D.C. would people pass a bad deal and then fight about how to replace the bad deal. That is essentially what is happening today.

The sequester would implement $1.2 trillion in true and immediate spending cuts to be divided equally between defense and domestic programs. Liberals are screaming bloody murder on the cuts to domestic programs, and some RINOs are doing the same on domestic programs. The funny thing is that both Liberals and RINOs voted for this plan in the first place. And the sad thing are the Republicans who want to stop sequestration and will do anything to stop it. 

Take Senator John McCain for example. He voted for the increase to the debt ceiling and sequestration in 2011. And now, he is the loudest voice for wanting to stop the cuts to defense stating:

The sequestration — Secretary Panetta, outgoing secretary of defense, is one of the most widely respected men or person in Washington, D.C., and he has been saying it will devastate our national security. We are — Republicans and Democrats are responsible for this new cliff and I’ll take responsibility for it for the Republicans.

And a lot of us, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte and I were traveling around the country warning about what was going to happen as a result of sequestration. And it is devastating.

Devestating? Then why did Senator McCain vote for this deal? Why did he not join his two friends Senators Graham and Ayotte in voting against this deal? Why did he call those who opposed this deal “hobbits” ?  I’m glad he’s taking some responsibility for this deal, but a deal is a deal and must be implemented.

Now, Senator McCain is leading an effort with Senators Graham and Ayotte (along with some anti-defense cut hawks) to stop the defense sequestration cuts.

From Senator Ayotte’s page:

The Down Payment to Protect National Security Act of 2013 would pay for one year of defense and non-defense sequestration by requiring a reduction in the federal workforce through attrition and a pay freeze for Members of Congress. The House version of her bill is set to be introduced by Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA). Senator Ayotte introduced similar legislation last year.

While I respect the motives of this group of legislators, LLPH cannot support this deal. And no conservative should either because this simply punts spending cuts for 10 years with no assurance that we will even get these spending cuts. No, these spending cuts must be now and immediate!

The Club for Growth stated it best:

Congress should not pass a sequestration replacement that replaces real spending cuts now with promised future cuts,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Both the McCain/Graham/Ayotte proposal to replace sequestration with attrition of federal employees and the House GOP sequestration replacement proposal that pushes the cuts into the out years flunk that test and are fiscally irresponsible. The Club for Growth opposes allowing Congress to punt yet again on addressing our spending problem.”

“Congress should keep the promise that it made when both parties voted for the Budget Control Act and enforce sequestration. We expect that the next continuing resolution will fund the government at this level and we urge House Republicans to include deeper cuts, entitlement reform, and stop funding ObamaCare,” added Chocola.

The funniest thing is that conservative rock stars like Senator Rand Paul, Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, and others who voted against this deal agree that sequestration must happen if no replacement and true spending cuts are provided.

So in conclusion, conservatives and anyone who cares about the fiscal health of our nation should support letting sequestration happen. The cuts to domestic programs would reduce the role of government and stop them from performing unconstitutional acts. The cuts to the defense programs will not harm our national security as it would simply reduce it back to 2008 levels. Both Republicans and Democrats must give up their sacred cows and agree to let these spending cuts happen. It is the only way to save the fiscal state of our nation.