Urge Conservatives to Write Amendment to Offset Sandy Funds!

I’m encouraging conservative reps to get together and write an amendment to offset the Sandy funds (the $51 billion that will be coming up). For the appropriate parts, they should find wasteful spending and bring the amendment to the floor of the house. Then, they can vote for the amendment. Even if it fails, they have something to back up their vote. A lot of people are attacking them write now (wrongfully), but it is difficult to explain to these people who are driven by emotion rather than looking ahead for the future generations.

If conservative reps write an amendment, giving the $51 billion (or whatever amount is truly necessary) for Sandy victims, and then offsetting it with spending cuts, they can claim that they are serious about both helping the victims and fighting for the next generation by stopping the debt.

Conservative reps need to communicate the right message. I applaud them for their courageous vote today (http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2013/roll007.xml), but they have to play smarter in the future. Democrats like to lie, and I will bet you they will make these into campaign ads that Conservatives will have nothing to show for.

Here is research done by the Heritage Foundation on areas that could be cut: http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/11/150-billion-in-spending-cuts-to-offset-defense-sequestration


Conservative reps should get working so they can communicate a better message. Let’s do this!