The American Culture Needs a Revival...Strong Families & God-Following America!

First, I express my grief and sympathies to the families who lost loved ones in the shooting in Connecticut. Nothing could be more hideous and heart-breaking than to lose loved ones during the Christmas season. May God be with them and help them during this difficult times. As each of us celebrates Christmas, we must think about those who have loved ones in this tragedy.

Now, to the main point of this post. Our country needs a revival. Freedom of religion must always be respected, but our nation must turn back to God.

First, it begins with the family. Families must bond together and build strong relationships. Workplaces should allow the Sabbath Day to be a day of rest. I respect Chick-fil-A for allowing their workers to have the day off on Sunday. I criticize businesses for opening on Thanksgiving Day and making their workers come in early just so that they can just make extra profit. Our society is losing common sense and needs a revival. To avoid a future shooting, families need to talk more (not text each other all the time). Money is important, but sometimes, money is what leads to the destruction of families. I encourage all to have a family time at least once a week. No distractions, no technology, but just a time to talk about life. Building up a strong, morally correct society BEGINS with the family!

Second, a conscience must be brought back into the society. Groups like Freedom From Religion or ACLU are wrong when they say that we should ban prayer in schools or public arenas. Prayer and silent times bring conscience into the next generations. Prayer before meetings or school are appropriate. Nobody should be forced to practice another religion, but nobody should be denied the right to pray either. So I call upon Congress to pass a resolution allowing public schools to let children to have a silent time of prayer before the beginning of each school day. I promise…it will make a difference.

Third, God must be brought back into society. I remember one of the Justices in Alabama got into trouble for trying to hang the Ten Commandments in one of the court houses. My question: Why would anybody oppose the Ten Commandments? What is controversial about the commandment: “Thou shalt not murder.” Maybe if the murder in Connecticut had seen a picture of the Ten Commandments, he would have thought twice before murdering all those kids.

These are just some ideas.  I would be happy to hear yours. But the point is: If our nation does not build up stronger families and turn our eyes back to God, we can take away all the guns in our nation, but that will not solve the problem. We need God in our society…without him, we can expect more tragedies like this to happen.

Our country needs a revival…we need it now. May this tragedy bring more good. May God Bless you and your family. May God Bless the United States of America!