A Conservative Friend In Need: Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa 4)

Representative Steve A. King

This year, conservatives have the pleasure of seeing so many conservative incumbents face little or no challenges by the Democrats. Their districts have a plentiful supply of conservatives and tea partiers, and these conservative heroes of ours will be returning to the 113th Congress. Likewise, unfortunately, there are also liberal Republicans in safe GOP districts, and it will take primaries to send them to retirement.

But today, I would like to talk about a conservative man and friend who is in danger of losing his seat to a liberal Democrat. Talking about this scenario is what makes me angered by those liberal RINOs who take their seats for granted and wastes time by going along and getting along. But this conservative is not a one to go-along, get along. He’s been fighting against the Washington establishment for a long time by opposing continuing resolutions that funded Obamacare.

His name is Congressman Steve King, a Republican running for re-election in Iowa’s 4th District. The district only leans Republican and only supported Senator McCain 50-48%. He has a strong Democrat opponent in Christi Vilsack, the wife of Secretary of Agriculture and strong Obama ally Tom Vilsack (D).

He currently holds an 82% from the Heritage Foundation and an 89% from the Club for Growth. He has a 95% lifetime rating from the Club for Growth.

But perhaps I have not clearly shown what is at stake here. Here is what one LIBERAL organization wrote about Steve King:

“This race is our chance to take down the ultra-right Cong. Steve King, Michele Bachmann’s best friend. King makes no bones about spending his days in Washington peddling his extreme ideology rather than promoting the interests of his constituents.” —Emily’s List

Liberal groups like House Majority PAC are blasting ad attacks on Steve King (http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00495028/808332/se). The liberals will stop at nothing with their lies, false attacks, and indecency just to get rid of Congressman King.

Conservative organizations from the Club for Growth to Freedomworks to SBA-List have all heard Steve King’s cry for help and have responded by endorsing him and promising to help him.

Congressman King needs our help! Read the endorsements of the Club and SBA-List to learn about his strong fights against big labor union-supporting laws like Davis Beacon or expensive, fiscally and morally irresponsible funding for Planned Parenthood.

Visit Rep. Steve King’s Campaign Website: http://www.steveking.com/

Donate to his campaign here: https://secure.donationreport.com/donate.html?key=OWQMJPIHCTLF

Together, we can win this fight and help our friend in need! On to liberty in 2012!