Congratulations to Rep. Allen West and Future Rep. Ron DeSantis!

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Congratulations to two great men who will bring and continue to bring strong conservative values in Washington D.C.! Congressman West is one step closer to having the opportunity to continue his fine leadership, but he will need our help to win this November.

An interesting fact: Rep. West received approximately 45,000 votes compared to his Democrat opponents received only 31,000 votes combined. But he needs our help in this district that voted for President Obama 51-48%.

Visit his website here: http://www.allenwestforcongress.com/

Representative Allen West Ron DeSan...

Ron DeSantis (R), a great conservative endorsed by Club for Growth, Freedomworks, and the great Conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), also won his primary last night to the joy of conservatives. Ron DeSantis served his country honorably in the military and wrote a strong conservative book,  Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in The Age of Obama. We congratulate Ron DeSantis, and in this safe GOP district (53-45 McCain District), we look forward to soon calling him Congressman Ron DeSantis! 🙂

Help Ron DeSantis for this November 2012: http://voteron2012.com/

Conservatives want to thank Congresswoman Sandy Adams during this 112th Session. We hope she will continue her public service in the future, in her distinct and special ways.

We also want to thank Byron Donalds. An incredible man, he has a great future ahead of him. His intelligence and the incredible way he articulates conservative values is a great value, and we hope he will continue fighting for Conservative values.

Photo Photo: Join me in congratulating the Republican nominee for Florida's 6th Congressional District and future Congressman, Ron DeSantis. Now onward to November!

Ron DeSantis at Victory Party!


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