Tennessee Congressional Election Recommendations: Districts 3 and 5

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Next Thursday, August 2, 2012, is the primary elections in Tennessee. The Volunteer State needs to send a better delegation to Washington D.C. With the exception of Rep. Blackburn and sometimes Duncan (even they barely pass the conservative test), the rest of the delegation is pretty pathetic considering Tennessee is a pretty conservative state. I want to make the following recommendations on how to do better:

Tennessee CD 3: The incumbent Rep. Chuck Fleischmann has done nothing special up there. In fact, his record is quite sad for someone who represents a district that voted for John McCain 61-37% and is rated by Roll Call as Safe GOP. The congressman complained about one of his opponent’s ads that claimed he voted with President Obama 1 out of every four times. This was based on a spending cut scorecard by the conservative Club for Growth: http://www.clubforgrowth.org/projects/budgetcutscore/?state=Any&party=Any&lawmaker=fleischmann

Congressman Fleischmann argues that these were simply 27 votes, and that it was unfair to judge him based on 37 out of 1000 others.  The congressman may be right, but the facts are the facts, and he still doesn’t answer why he voted with President Obama so many times. These were spending cuts that could have saved billions of dollars. These were lost opportunities that he did not take. Does the congressman not think we have enough debt?

So my recommendation for TN-03 voters: Through my research, I have decided that either Scottie Mayfield or Weston Wamp would be much better than the current status quo. If I had to rank them, I would put Mr. Wamp slightly ahead of Mr. Mayfield due to his lengthy answers and strong plans that I feel would be more beneficial. But either gentleman would be more conservative. I hope they do not split the anti-Fleischmann vote. Let me be clear, this is nothing personal against Congressman Fleischmann…this is about the  ever increasing debt that he has refused to stop.

Here are the challenger’s websites: http://www.scottiemayfield.com/


Tennessee CD 6: I support Lou Ann Zelenick for this district. She is challenging Rep. Diane Black (R). Rep. Black is very pro-life. That’s good. She a good social conservative. But her record on fiscal issues is pathetic considering her district is rated Safe Republican by Roll Call and voted for John McCain 33-65%. Lou Ann is not only socially conservative (she’s a strong pro-life, pro-sanctity of marriage lady), but she is also a fiscal conservative.

Here is her website: http://votelouann.com/where-i-stand/

Let me make clear again. I have nothing against Representatives Fleischmann and Black. They are genuinely good people, and they are not RINOs (at least not yet). But if we let them stay any longer, I fear what will happen. They have shown a lack of courage. Unlike Reps. Graves, McClintock, Labrador, Huelskamp, and others, they have yielded too much to the leadership. It’s time to elect Scottie or Weston to replace Rep. Fleischmann and Lou Ann to replace Rep. Black. Let’s win this fight next Thursday!


(Editor note: Shout out to tnfriendofcoal101368 at RedState for correcting my mistake. I originally had Tennessee CD 5 instead of CD 6. This article reflects those changes.)