Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) endorses Kerry Bentivolio (R CAND-Michigan 11)!


We are proud to announce that Rand Paul has endorsed Kerry’s candidacy!  Please read Senator Paul’s endorsement and donatetoday.

Dear Patriot,

I am proud to endorse Kerry Bentivolio for the House of Representatives and I hope you will join me by helping him today.

A veteran, Kerry Bentivolio is still fighting a battle to defend the Constitution. This time it is against both the progressives in Michigan that support President Obama’s wasteful spending and big government and his own party’s elites who believe they should be allowed to handpick a successor to Thaddeus McCotter. Instead of supporting the only Republican on the ballot, the establishment GOP has chosen to run a write-in campaign in favor of a person who authored some of the worst tax legislation in Michigan’s history.

Kerry Bentivolio is ready to start taking on big spending Republicans who claim to be conservatives but don’t really act like it. He’s running to represent Michigan’s 11th District and he needs our help.

We need conservative leaders who truly want to change the way business is done in Washington. That’s the kind of person Kerry Bentivolio is. He’s already promised to propose an amendment to the Constitution that bans the Obamacare tax mandate as his first action in Congress. Kerry Bentivolio is tough, principled, and ready to serve the people rather than special interests.

Kerry’s establishment opponent is Nancy Cassis who wrote the Michigan Business Tax, a job-killing proposal that hurt Michigan’s economy. We can send a message to the Republican establishment by sending a small government conservative to the House of Representatives like Kerry Bentivolio rather than their handpicked candidate.

Both parties helped put us on the path to a debt crisis by propping up big government spending.The race in Michigan’s 11th District is a chance for the Tea Party to send a message to the Republican Party establishment. You are there to represent us!

I proudly endorse Kerry Bentivolio and ask you to join me in supporting him.

For America,

Rand Paul


Support Kerry Bentivolio here: http://bentivolioforcongress.com/