Incumbents Added to Conservative List: McClintock, Labrador, Jordan, Duncan, and Mulvaney

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Forming a More Conservative Congress:

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Continuing to add to our list of conservatives that we support, LLPH is announcing our addition of 5 more conservatives. But these conservatives are special…they are currently already in congress. Our basis for supporting incumbents is based on a number of factors: 1) The Club for Growth pro-fiscal responsibility scorecard 2) Individual votes that took courage (ex. voting for the RSC Budget, against the renewal of the Ex-Im Bank, for 1% cuts to appropriation bills, etc.)  3) A wide agreement by conservatives that these incumbents usually vote correctly. PLEASE NOTE: None of these incumbents are perfect. They usually fight for conservative values which is why they are receiving our support. Please see more conservatives to help elect here: http://llphsecondrevolution.wordpress.com/candidates/2012-candidates/us-senatehouse-2012/

1) Tom McClintock: Republican Incumbent for California CD 4

Rep. McClintock (R-California 4) is a strong conservative fighter. A leader in the fight against the renewal of the Ex-Im Bank, he is a strong fiscal conservative. (http://www.clubforgrowth.org/perm/?postID=15894) Note that the Club for Growth called him “always a Club favorite”. Tom McClintock is not only a strong fiscal and social conservative, but he also protects our liberties by opposing the Patent Reform Bill and CISPA. LLPH is proud to support Rep. McClintock for re-election. (This district went for Senator McCain 54-43%.)

Here’s his campaign website: http://www.tommcclintock.com/

2) Raul Labrador: Republican Incumbent for Idaho CD 1

Rep. Labardor (R-Idaho 1) is a rising star in the GOP: young, Hispanic, and a bright CONSERVATIVE legislator! As one of the few to score a 100% from the Club for Growth, he has also received praise from the conservative Madison Project and the libertarian Young Americans for Liberty PAC. Here is a quote from the Madison Project: ” He is someone who has demonstrated a willingness to fight leadership when necessary.” Indeed he is, and that is why LLPH is proud to support this young rising star for re-election. (This district went for Senator McCain 63-35%)

Here’s his campaign website: http://www.labrador4idaho.com/

3) Jim Jordan: Republican Incumbent for Ohio CD 4

Rep. Jordan (R-OH 4) is the Republican Study Committee, and he has been a strong leader, which was clearly shown in this congress. During the debt ceiling and budget fights, Rep. Jordan led conservatives against the establishment in standing in opposition to spending more than saving. He scored a strong 100% from the Club for Growth and has continuously earned a 100% from the National Right to Life. Rep. Jordan refused to back down even when RINOs revealed their true colors and left the RSC or when he was threatened to be redistricted out by Ohio leadership . LLPH is proud to support the head of the RSC for re-election. (District voted for McCain 54-44%).

Here’s his campaign website: http://jimjordanforcongress.com/

4. Jeff Duncan: Republican Incumbent for South Carolina CD 3

Rep. Duncan (R) is an excellent congressman from South Carolina. As part of a the South Carolina Fabulous Five, he helps to make the delegation one of the strongest in the nation. Collectively, the South Carolina GOP House Members score a 96% average from the Club for Growth. This is in stark comparison to the 82% earned by last year’s GOP delegation (filled with stimulus supporting RINOs who did nothing for conservative values). LLPH is proud to support Jeff Duncan for re-election. (District voted for McCain 63-35%)

Here’s his campaign website: http://jeffduncan.com/

5. Mick Mulvaney: Republican Incumbent for South Carolina 5

Rep. Mulvaney (R) is one of those 2010 freshmen that created an upset. He defeated longtime Chairman of the Budget Committee John Spratt (D) in the general election. I’m going to make this easily simple: John Spratt earned a 0% from the Club for Growth while Mick Mulvaney earned a 99% from the Club for Growth. Do I need to say anymore? (District voted for McCain 55-44%).

Here’s his campaign website: http://www.mulvaneyforcongress.com/

(Additional note: Roll Call released a ratings chart today: http://www.rollcall.com/politics/race-ratings-chart-2012-house-elections.html

I’ m pleased to report that all 5 of these conservative leaders are under the safe GOP column 🙂 )