RINO Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) endorses LIBERAL Mazie Hirono (D) in Hawaii Senate Race

I am trying to think of how to let my anger die down…

First, Senator Coburn (R) endorses Senator Joe Manchin (D).

Then, Rep. Don Young (R) endorses Rep. Mazie Hirono (D) to be a senator from Hawaii.

Let me be clear, both cannot be defended. But for Don Young (a member of the house) to endorse AND do an ad for someone from a different state for a SENATE race…especially when Governor Linda Lingle has a good chance of winning…is just plain disgusting. Some RINOs in Washington D.C. are just getting too comfortable that they are endorsing Democrats now.


Tom Coburn gave $250. Don Young gave his endorsement and time for an ad. Don Young needs to be fired!

(Note: I hope Joe Miller is reading this. In 2014, he should primary challenge Don Young…nobody will miss RINO Young.

Governor Parnell should probably run for senate against Senator Begich (D)


Just a few ideas 🙂 )