Additions to Conservative List: Mourdock, Fischer, Massie, Cotton, Rothfus

Forming a More Conservative Congress

These candidates have already won their primary races, so I will be writing very brief statements on each of them. Please visit the page of candidates/legislators LLPH likes here: http://llphsecondrevolution.wordpress.com/candidates/2012-candidates/us-senatehouse-2012/

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1. Richard Mourdock (R CAND-Indiana Senate): Richard Mourdock defeated RINO Senator Dick Lugar, a 40-years incumbent. Richard Mourdock, unlike Senator Lugar, would have voted against liberal justices, against raising the debt ceiling, indefinite detention, bailouts, wasteful spending, and he supports privatizing the TSA. Richard Mourdock will be a rising star in the Senate, joining the ranks of Jim Demint, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and other fiscal conservatives. LLPH is proud to support him over liberal Rep. Joe Donnelly.

Visit his website here: http://www.richardmourdock.com/

2. Deb Fischer (R CAND-Nebraska Senate): Deb Fischer pulled off an upset in the political world by defeating the establishment candidate (Jon Bruning) and the tea party candidate (Don Stenberg). She was endorsed by Herman Cain and Sarah Palin, so she leans more toward the conservative side rather than the establishment. LLPH judged that Deb Fischer is conservative enough for us to endorse her. She supports auditing the fed, repealing Obamacare, the sanctity of life, reducing taxes, repealing No Child Left Behind, and transitioning to end the Federal Highway Administration. LLPH is proud to support her for senate against liberal Fmr. Senator Bob Kerrey.

Visit her website here: http://debfischer2012.com/

3. Thomas Massie (R CAND-KY 4): Thomas Massie pulled off a “Rand-slide” or a “Massiecre” against his two establishment opponents. As one of the few who supported Conservative Hero Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), LLPH immediately knew that Thomas Massie would be a fabulous representative. As Judge-Executive, Thomas Massie cut wasteful spending, just as he pledges to do as he will oppose energy subsidies, earmarks, increasing the debt limit, and  will support ending wasteful programs like the Department of Education and the Ex-Im Bank. Thomas Massie was endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, the Club for Growth, Freedomworks, and many other conservatives. LLPH is proud to support him for congress, and should everything go right in this strong GOP district, Thomas Massie will most likely be joining conservatives in D.C. (District voted for McCain 61-37%)

Visit his website here: http://www.thomasmassie.com/

4. Tom Cotton (R CAND-Arkansas 4): Tom Cotton has a wonderful story. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he sacrificed his more promising lifestyle and enrolled in the military. Tom Cotton understands that the Constitution is worth fighting for. A conservative, he was endorsed by the Club for Growth, RedState, Madison Project, and many other leading conservatives. He easily avoided a run-off by defeating Beth Ann-Rankin. Tom Cotton is a fiscal and social conservative, and what is so amazing is that he opposes energy subsidies…even though he comes from Arkansas. LLPH is proud to support him, and if all goes well in this open-GOP leaning district…Conservatives will have another voice in Congress. (District voted for McCain 67-30%)

Visit his website here: http://cottonforcongress.com/

5. Keith Rothfus (R CAND-Pennsylvania 12): Few members of congress are willing to give up their congressional pensions. Keith Rothfus promises that if he should be elected, that is exactly what he will do. He will also go further by working to cut congressional pensions for life, because he believes that member of congress should not receive special treatment over regular citizens. He is also a strong social and fiscal conservative. Club for Growth and Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) have endorsed him. He will be running against incumbent liberal Democrat Rep. Mark Critz. (District voted for McCain 54-45%)

Visit his website here: http://keithrothfus.com/