Re-Elect Congressman Justin Amash (R-Michigan 3)


Have you ever watched somebody that you just know will be a rising star? Well for me, Justin Amash is one of those somebodies. He has a bright future ahead of him in the GOP Party.

Rep. Justin Amash is often a loner in the party. If he has to do something right without anybody’s company…he will do just that. Justin Amash refuses to vote for anything that is not clearly authorized by the Constitution, and he posts vote explanations for every vote he takes. I truly appreciate his explanations even when I do not agree with him because it helps me to understand the reason why he voted the way he did.

His fierce conservative values are evident to many top conservative organizations and leaders.

The Club for Growth: Justin Amash scored a perfect 100% from their scorecard in recognition of his fiscal responsibility: http://www.clubforgrowth.org/projects/scorecard/?year=2011&chamber=2&state=Any&party=Any&memberName=amash

A leader of the Young Americans for Liberty posted, “Congressman Justin Amash, whom I’ve been praising a lot lately, has been doing a fantastic job on his Facebook page of educating people not only about the unconstitutionality of the President authorizing military strikes without congressional approval, but also regarding specific policies being pursued by the Obama administration, and the actual opinions and ties (hint: al-Qaeda) of Libyan rebel leaders. Amash has done a commendable job standing up as an indispensable voice of conservative opposition to the poorly thought out intervention in Libya – and has been influential in the face of both liberal and neoconservative praise of the operation.”

Justin Amash has fought hard and sometimes alone against indefinite detention, the Patriot Act, CISPA, and other anti-liberty legislation.

He supports across the board cuts and is one of the few who voted against every appropriations bill that increased spending. The leadership of the GOP hates him for doing this, but he does it because he knows it is just the right thing to do.

This November, Justin Amash will face either Steve Pestka (D) or Trevor Thomas (D). Either one would be a Nancy Pelosi follower. We need to do everything we can to help Justin Amash get re-elected.

Here’s more about him from YAL-PAC: http://www.yaliberty.org/pac/candidates/amash

Here’s his campaign page: http://amashforcongress.com/

If you can, donate to his campaign: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/b3y1Ooay/justinamash


Donate here: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/b3y1Ooay/justinamash

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