Reject the Debt's New Signer: Ron DeSantis (R CAND-FL 6)

Ron DeSantis: Florida Congressional Candidate District 6

Fellow Conservatives,

Today, Ron DeSantis, candidate for Florida’s 6th Congressional district, will be signing the Reject the Debt Pledge. By doing so, he joins other candidates like Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst, Wes Riddle, and Jessica Puente Bradshaw, and Martha Zoller in agreeing to doing the following:

(1) only vote for balanced budgets

(2) not vote for new spending programs that aren’t offset elsewhere

(3) not vote to raise the debt ceiling!

Now why is this so important? Why do I continue posting about this pledge?

First, as most of us conservatives know, many candidates run as conservatives but get to Washington D.C. and do the exact opposite. They often erase their campaign pages after the election so voters will no evidence that they promised to be fiscally responsible.

Second, while Mr. Grover Norquist pledge is good and noble, politicians can sign his pledge to not raise taxes…but that doesn’t mean that they will work to end the debt. In fact, many never vote for a tax increase and simply saying that the debt has to be increased.

Third, the pledge is simple. It is not written with such fancy language (unlike Obamacare…even the politicians argue about what is in it). Signers of the pledge understand fully what they are getting into.

Fourth, this pledge is specific. I like a lot how the pledge also makes candidates promise to not pass appropriation bills that increase spending.

So with these four key points in mind, I encourage all to contact candidates and legislators across the nation to encourage them to sign the pledge: http://reducespending.org/reject-the-debt/


I want to thank Ron DeSantis for signing the pledge. Please help him in any way you can here: http://voteron2012.com/


Let’s send Ron DeSantis (another freedom fighter) to Washington D.C.!