Reject the Debt's New Signer: Martha Zoller (R CAND-GA 9)

Martha for Congress - Gainesville, GAMartha Zoller: Congressional Candidate for Georgia 9th District

Martha Zoller (R CAND-GA 9) and her campaign have informed me by e-mail that Ms. Zoller is now a proud signer of the pledge.


Martha is now a proud signer of this Pledge.
Ryan Mahoney
Campaign Manager
By signing this pledge, Ms. Zoller has shown great courage, proving to conservatives that she is one of us and making the Washington establishment tremble at the fact that she could be going to congress.
The pledge reads:

I, ____________________, recognize that the national debt and unsustainable level of government spending pose a critical threat to the prosperity and security of the United States.

Therefore, I pledge to the citizens of my state and to the American people that, except when related to a congressional authorization of force, I will:

ONE, not vote for any budget that is not balanced nor for any appropriations bill that increases total spending; and

TWO, consider all spending open for reduction, and not vote to authorize or fund new programs without offsetting cuts in other programs; and

THREE, not vote to increase borrowing or the debt ceiling.

Signed: ____________________


Martha Zoller will be a strong conservative voice in the United States Congress, and she has now promised to her constituents that she will fight every day for cutting spending, capping the debt, and balancing the budget. I would like to thank her publicly for signing this pledge.

You can help send another conservative voice to the United States House of Representatives here: http://marthaforcongress.com/

(The Coalition will probably put out a formal statement when they formally get her pledge. I will post it here on RedState. 🙂 )