North Carolina Conservatives: July 17, 2012 Primary Recommendations

Fellow Conservatives in North Carolina,

Tomorrow, you have the chance to help send 2 Conservatives to the US House of Representatives and elect the GOP nominee for Lt. Governor. I would like to make recommendations for these three races:

Lt. Governor: I strongly support Dan Forest (R) to be the next Lt. Governor of North Carolina. From protecting  strong family values to balancing the budget, Dan Forest has a pro-growth agenda for North Carolina. Eagle Forum, all GOP members of Congress, and Governor Mike Huckabee have all endorsed him. Pat McCrory needs a strong conservative by his side, and I believe Dan Forest will be that kind of partner.

In the following two districts, I want to urge support for two men that will help lead our nation forward. With great congressmen like Jeff Flake and Mike Pence leaving congress, more conservatives are needed desperately. The following two men will not surrender under pressure.

Congressional District 8: I urge support for Scott Keadle, a true conservative. Many good conservatives from Congresswoman Foxx to Mrs. Jesse Helms (the wife of the conservative icon Senator Jesse Helms) have endorsed his opponent Richard Hudson. I am sure he is a good man with good intentions.

The problem with Washington D.C. today is that there are a lot of good people, but few of those good people are actually constitution-loving leaders. During the elections, they say popular things…but these popular statements are very vague. Look at Richard Hudson’s for example:

“As a solid conservative, Richard is certain of one thing: Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. That’s why Richard has pledged to never increase taxes as a member of Congress. With a federal budget deficit of nearly 2 Trillion Dollars and a national debt upwards of 15 Trillion Dollars, Richard believes it is long past time for conservatives to draw a line in the sand. We can count on him to fight to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, DC. Washington is broken and we need conservative solutions and steadfast leadership to fix it. Richard will provide that leadership.”

That’s all? While I respect Mr. Hudson for supporting spending cuts, he NEVER mentions what specific cuts he would take. Meanwhile, Scott Keadle has offered a DETAILED PLAN FOR AMERICA! I trust candidates who can offer specifics better than those who offer standard remarks.

Scott Keadle will be a true leader in congress, while Richard Hudson will simply fade away in silence.This district voted for John McCain 57-42%…it is not that Democratic. Scott Keadle has been endorsed by Vernon Robinson and John Whitley. I urge support and a vote for Scott Keadle.

District 11: I strongly support Mark Meadows (who has been endorsed by Madison Project) to be the next congressman here. Leading in the polls and having won the primary but not enough to avoid the run-off, Mark Meadows could be the next congressman from this state. Mark Meadows has led the fight for pro-life and pro-sanctity of marriage values. He fights for less regulations and a pro-growth agenda. He has been endorsed by third-place finisher Jeff Hunt. This district supported John McCain 58-40%. I urge support and a vote for Mark Meadows.

With all of our victories this year, from helping Tom Cotton in Arkansas and Thomas Massie in Kentucky win their open seat primaries, to defeating RINOs like Dick Lugar and John Sullivan by nominating Richard Mourdock and Jim Bridenstine, North Carolina can and SHOULD join fellow conservatives in nominating Dan Forest for Lt. Governor, Scott Keadle for CD-8, and Mark Meadows for CD-11.

On to Liberty in 2012! Spoa Steph.