The House Candidates Keadle-Zoller Plan

While President Obama does not have a good plan that will balance the budget anytime soon or make any meaningful  changes in our nation, two House Candidates have written plans to balance the budget. They are Martha Zoller for Georgia’s 9th District and Scott Keadle for North Carolina 8th District.


Martha Zoller MAP for Prosperity:

Just a few Highlights: Cuts Congressional Pay by 15%, Audits Federal Reserve, Eliminates Department of Education, Energy, Commerce, and the EPA.


Scott Keadle Plan for America:

Just a few Highlights: Audits the Federal Reserve, Reduce dramatically the Department of Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Interior, End Subsidies, etc.


Since President Obama has decided not to go to Martha’s Vineyard this year, maybe he should consider these two plans as his reading literature instead to going around the country to campaign.