Freedom Fighters for U.S. House!

Today, we celebrate Independence Day.  A day when of fireworks, picnics, and family fun…but most importantly, a day when we look back at the men and women of the American Revolution. Names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, and so many others.

Several decades or centuries from now, generations will look back at this time and ask: Were the people of that time leaders or not? When we look at the names of those above, we can say without doubt that names like George Washington and Abigail Adams were leaders for freedom. But who will be the next George Washington or the next Abigail Adams? This election may decide whether we keep our freedoms or lose it.

This year, Conservatives have a great opportunity to send more conservative leaders to congress. We have great leaders in Senators Jim Demint, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Reps. Jim Jordan, Tom McClintock, Paul Broun, Jason Chaffetz, and so many others.

Unfortunately, we are still losing so many battles. Why? Because there are still RINOs who are willing to go along, get along with liberal Democrats. They are not leaders, rather they are like the loyalists and tories who cannot comprehend a free world.

Below is a list of candidates, running for the United States House of Representatives, who will lead the fight for freedom. They are the next Thomas Jeffersons and Abigail Adams. They understand that freedom is not free: (Click on their names—I attached a link to their websites)!

Arkansas 4: Tom Cotton (Open Democrat District): WON PRIMARY! 37-60 McCain District.

California 8: Greg Imus (Open Republican District): WON PRIMARY (Competing against another Republican).  42-55 McCain District.

Florida 4: Bob Black (Republican Challenger-Rep. Andrew Crenshaw) 37-63 McCain District.

Florida 6: Ron DeSantis (Open Republican District)  45-53 McCain District.

Georgia 9: Martha Zoller (New District)  24-75 McCain District.

 Indiana 2: Jackie Walorski (Open Democrat District) 50-49 Obama District. WON PRIMARY!

Kentucky 4: Thomas Massie (Open Republican District) 37-61 McCain District. WON PRIMARY!

Michigan 6: Jack Hoogendyk (Republican Challenger: Rep. Fred Upton) 53-45 Obama District.

Michigan 11: Kerry Bentivolio (Open Republican District) 50-48 Obama District.

Missouri 8: Bob Parker (Republican Challenger: Rep. Jo Ann Emerson) 38-60 McCain District.

North Carolina 8: Scott Keadle (Will Face-off against Democrat Rep. Larry Kissell in November) 42-57 McCain District.

North Carolina 11: Mark Meadows (Open Democrat District) 40-58 McCain District.

 Ohio 9: Samuel “Joe the Plummer” Wurzelbacher (Will Face-Off Against Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur) 67-32 Obama District.

Oklahoma 1: Jim Bridenstine (Defeated RINO in Primary :))  36-64 McCain District.—WON PRIMARY!

Oklahoma 2: George Faught (Open Democrat District) 34-66 McCain District

Oregon 4: Art Robinson (Will Face-Off Against Democrat Rep. Pete DeFazio) 54-43 Obama District.

Pennsylvania 12: Keith Rothfus (Will Face-Off Against Democrat Rep. Mark Critz)  45-54 McCain District

Texas 36: Steve Stockman (New District)  30-69 McCain District

Utah 2: Chris Stewart (Open Democrat District) 38-59 McCain District

Utah 4: Mia Love (Will Face-Off Against Democrat Rep. Jim Matheson) 41-56 McCain District


I will be writing more lengthy entries about each candidate soon. There are also a lot more candidates who I did not include in this list, but I may add them later. I will be producing a list for U.S. Senate soon. :)! Let FREEDOM RING!


Erick Erickson posted a great diary entry listing good candidates here: http://www.redstate.com/erick/2012/07/04/freedoms-slate-who-to-support-to-give-the-gop-some-testicular-fortitude/