Another Open Letter to Barack Obama with comment section

I’ll get right to the point, do you ever read the articles that are created for you or about you?

I’m sure you do or at least someone checks in on what the lapdog media writes about you, right?

How about the comments? Have you ever been down in the trenches?

OK, I know….comments can be a scary place. They can range anywhere from gleaming nuggets of wisdom to moderately witty parables to the drooling rantings of basement-bound, jobless 30-somethings.

But sometimes all the commentators are ‘on the same page’ Like I noticed with this article.

It’s about the Obama’s recent appearance on 60 minutes. It seems it hasn’t even aired yet. It’s set up for Sunday. It’s a fair piece, just explains what Obama said on the show.

Turns out it’s the same old story the Dems and their pets have been pushing for a week or more, Obama thinks he’s losing support for his agenda because folks don’t understand what he trying to do. Now me and you know that’s total bullcrap, but it’s typical.

He thinks if he just explained it better, maybe if he blamed Bush a little more, we would all see the brilliance of his grand plan for America. He’s wrong and I think he might get a better idea of what Americans think about these issues if he would actually read what the lapdogs are writing about him and dare I say…go down and read the Comments section.

But speciallist! Politicians and Presidents don’t read the comments. And why should they when they have their reliable MSNBC, Daily Kos and PPP polls to tell them they are loved and it’s just that 80% percent of Americans are stupid.

The comments?! The only bodies down in the comments are bitter-clingers, poets, plagiarists, trolls.

As well as liberals. And the droolers I spoke of earlier, but I repeat myself.

Yes, the comment section can be a scary place and with such a diversity of chattering classes there is never agreement on anything, right? Wrong.

This morning I found consensus! This morning I found that the Party of ‘No’ can truly find common ground with the Party of ‘we don’t wanna know’

Where? In the comment section of this piece. Mr. Obama? You need to read this. The winners, the losers, the drunk and college age boozers, they all agree. We understand what your trying to do, you’ve tried to your hardest to sell us this Socialist garbage you call progress and we are not buying.

As I write this there are close to 1000 comments and they all concur, Obama is horribly wrong about himself. Let’s review…

“Narcisstic psychopath. Incapable of taking responsibility or admitting error.”

“Clueless totally Clueless. No wait. Arrogant totally Arrogant. He can’t face up to the fact that he and his policies have been emphatically rejected by the American voters.”

“Spoken like a true socialist who worries the propaganda machine has broken down.”

“Massive, pathological denial. A man coming unglued is a terrible thing to watch, especially when he’s the POTUS.”

We have reached an Accord!

“He is so consumed with his self that he can’t believe that we are not drinking the cool-aid of this megalomania.”

“He has placed his Liberal agenda ahead of the American people. He may have singlehandedly destroyed the Democrat Party.”

“Nooooo, it WAS your policies that were rejected. No amount of ‘convincing’ would have worked.”

“Obama needs to find a new line of work.”

“Leadership?! What leadership? Ah, a legend in his own mind.”

“You are so clueless barack obama.”

“Emperor Obama Has No Clothes!…..Neither do his policies.”

Can you feel the Love?

“If more Americans knew that he is a bald-faced progressive, he would never have been elected.”

“Mr. Obama, let me make myself perfectly clear, It was your policies not your teleprompter that was voted against!”

“Is Obama really that brain dead? Or is he merely a hopelessly pompous ass? In either case, he’s an absolute disaster for this country.”

“He’s still delusional. He is still absolutely clueless. NO SIR!!!!! We saw and understood your agenda and we DON’T WANT IT!!!!!”

“Good grief! If he truly believes this, he is delusional. If he governs going forward assuming there is not problem with his policies and only his communication skills, he will have another electoral slaughter in 2012 which will include him as a one term, failed president.”

It goes on and on and on and on, all the same. Liberals and Conservatives together are flatly rejecting you and your ideas for fundamentally changing this country. We Don’t Want It.

Mr. Resident, reading is fundamental. Please take the time to actually read the pieces written about you and more importantly read the Comment sections. You say you want to bring folks together, well you are. They are uniting against you. From the unwashed to the elite, from the poets to the plagiarists, they understand.