An Open letter to Resident Obama from Tina re:Global Warming

I hacked into Tina’s computer and stole this email…Tina, if you see this, come claim your work.

I suggest you print this out, replace Tina’s name with yours and mail it to Barry….or address it to your favorite Critter.

Dear President Obama,

I think at this point you will need to pull some other conduit out of your hat for your close constituents like Immelt and Gore to realize those trillions of dollars Sir.

After this breach of UEA and its brief but eviscerating summations, we the people now need to see the absolute, unequivocal and transparent evidence you base your initiatives on or no need to waste that precious fuel going to Copenhagen as this global initiative is not going to happen. Any rush through taxpayer initiative predicated on this voodoo science will be summarily dismissed much like the scientists themselves which will happen any day now.

The American citizen will not support something so drastic as cap and trade now without the evidence being presented fairly by an objective third party in black and white showing irrefutable benefits and I would think you would know this. This will take time especially after the disastrous stimulus, clunkers and now the 3950 healthcare disaster, the trust is simply no longer there, gone, caput.

For you to embark on the largest transfer of wealth in our history based upon nothing more scientific than the pea under the cup game will not fare well in any demographic but the smallest, your base, and I’m real tired of this small faction telling the rest of us how its going to be. Nope, let just say if a simplistic vertical scientific comparison event is not forthcoming to our very aware citizens then we have no other choice but to assume the material gleaned from this breach is true and your evidence or the lack thereof a work of fiction or in another vernacular, a load of crap.

If you do not acknowledge or worse yet deny this recent game changing event and show your leadership by walking this back, you are merely humoring yourself arrogantly thinking that the American people will simply roll over on this which is not only folly but also dangerous..

We shall see….