Ode to the Swimmer

Cancer has consequences.

In spite of Chappaquiddick, Ted Kennedy was always submerged in the big issues of his day, all while keeping his head above the incoming tide of legal scrutiny. He slowly floated to the top of the DC elite-class, then expertly treading the brackish waters of Washington politics.

Kennedy dove into the 1980 Presidential election when he announced his candidacy in late 1979. He would be challenging incumbent Jimmy Carter so it was sink or swim.

Everyone puts their wet-suits on one leg at a time and Teddy was alot like you and m…uhh……so we’ll leave our muck-raking at the door.

I always liked Teddy’s free style and he was always on time, he would never leave friends wading around for to long.

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of grand stories about days at the lake…letting his dog paddle in the chilly water or venturing out himself for a quick dip. They used to have swim meets during the summers, but despite his reputation with the ladies and nickname, he never was very good at the breast-stroke. That was by far the most popular event at the summer meets.

So, Bon Voyage Teddy K. I hope your accomplishments will steer more young interns into choosing politics as a life-long career.

And remember folks, never sink to the level of the left. You must realize when you’re really dragging the bottom and rescue what little pride you have remaining.

Be respectful. Even though I don’t remember the left giving Ronald Reagan any fond farewells.