I trust Sarah...

I am one of millions who have not spent “their whole lives 100% marinated in politics”

I’ve been paying attention since 9/11…and the one thing I can’t stand in politics is the lying.

I am a great judge of character, just look at the friends I’ve made here at RS 🙂 ..I have 20 different hobbies, 2 wifes and three kids…I’m a busy guy..I don’t have the time to delve to deeply into a politicians history, but I can tell if I trust someone or not.

I keep it simple and I can tell when someone’s lying to me.

I am malleable. I am easily excitable. If I trust you, I will follow you, I will fight for you.

Nice to meet you, I am the voter that the GOP needs Really bad.

Sanford has been lying to us from DAY 1…uggg

Huckabee will invite you over for Bible study with cookies and milk…then lie to you.

Romney is Very serious and authoritative when he’s lying to you.

McCain is like Santa Claus at the Mall…you sit on his lap and he tells you you’ll get everything you want for Christmas…but you know he’s lying.

And who is this Pawlenty dude, I’ve never seen his face, or heard him speak…I know more about Tom Delay than Tim Pawlenty.

Lastly….Jindal…I’ve seen him a couple times….uggg….he does nothing for me.

The McCain nomination was a kick to my morale nuggets, and then came Sarah….she made the pain in my stomach disappear. She is HANDS-DOWN my favorite politician. She’s the real deal, at least till she’s Not…lol, does that make sense?…I’ve been stoked on Sarah since ‘the Speech’.

It’s just too bad how the campaign went…but we had no control over that.

I listened to her resignation speech on the radio and it sounded like Sarah’s heart was stuck in her throat…she has been injured, but she’s no quitter.

You might say to yourself, ‘hey special, your just a rookie, your opinion doesn’t carry alot of weight’…here’s what i say…

There is a large block of voters just like me. It’s fine that the people think we need to get the black voters, the gay voters, the Martian voters…..but don’t forget about Regular Joe’s like me. The GOP will dominate if we can grab the ‘Regular Joe’ voters.

Nobody brings the ‘Regular Joe’ voters like Sarah…and don’t forget about ‘Regular Jane’.

I trust Sarah…I am willing to give her as much time as she wants. If the GOP continues to throw her under the bus…they will be losing voters like me in droves. Voters like me will make the difference, count on it.

(I see that the poll shows that ‘upcoming scandle’ is in the lead…if that happens, my head will truly explode and I might head to Mexico earlier than expected.)

Update: Now that I’ve slammed Republicans for being liars…my next blog will be about the most incomparable, inimitable, matchless, super, superlative, supreme liars of all time…the Democrats