Santa Ana Tea party...it was a Blast

Steve Foley and I and One hundred groups of 10 frustrated taxpayers flocked to a “Tax Day Tea Party” rally in Santa Ana today, filling the city’s Plaza of the Flags with homemade signs and the air with speeches against the Democrat-controlled governments in Washington and Sacramento.

First we’ll start with the long-awaited video…



That phrase “right wing extremist” It kept coming up at the Tea Party, along with its cousins, “radical” and “conservative whacko.” The Homeland Security department headed by Janet Napolitano, played the ‘politically insane’ card yesterday and issued a report about rising “right-wing extremism” despite the lack of any specific threats….brilliant!

When it came to talk of taxes, rally speakers in Santa Ana targeted California increases in the sales tax and vehicle registration fees. They pleaded with voters to defeat the coming May 19 ballot measures backed by Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

The California rallies offered a well-needed display of upheaval within the Republican Party over the new sales, income and other tax hikes approved by Aanold and the Legislature.

In Santa Ana, about a thousand protesters, by my count, cheered as speakers called for the Republican governor’s recall.

“The guy’s got to go,” Allan Bartlett, a member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee, told the crowd gathered on a plaza outside the county courthouse.

To dramatize the anger of many conservatives, one speechifier brandished a plastic sword piercing a hollow rubber Schwarzenegger head….Rightwing Extremist!!!

Supporters (listen, this guy was the ONLY lib at the place, ‘supporters’…LOL) of President Barack Obama brushed aside the attacks. One at the Santa Ana rally held a sign that said, “Where were you when Bush was spending?”

Irvine’s Dan Chmielewski, who blogs at TheLiberalOC.com, pointed out that Obama has initiated tax breaks for 95 percent of taxpayers – and wondered how so many people could be complaining about the president’s tax policies.

“They’ve tapped into people’s anger about a lot of things, people looking to lash out, and they’ve focused their attention on taxes,” Chmielewski said. “But the situation we’re in is the result of eight years of Republican policy.”…BUUUSSHHH!!…I did not waste film on him.

One of the protesters at the Tax Day Tea Party rally at the Santa Ana Civic Center was Cerritos resident Alex’s dog.