Santa Ana Tea party Reconnaissance

Some people know that Uncle Steve Foley and I will be at the Santa Ana Tea party. Santa Ana is right around the corner so I decided to pop over there and develop a plan of action.

It goes from 12-2 pm so I figure we meet between 10-11 and get something to eat. there is a great place called Original Mike’s at First and Main. It used to be a Car dealership way back when and they turned it into a restaurant. I’ve been there for a surprise B-day party. Great food and great drinks.

Too bad this wasn’t on a Mon or Fri…we could have taken advantage of the ‘Obama Stimulus ‘ specials!

If it was like today (perfect 75 degrees and sunny) we’ll sit outside and enjoy our Civil rights.

After a few Whiskey n cokes and if we are sufficiently stuffed, we’ll head out down historic Main st…

We can go to a great parking garage I found…it’s right by the Sherrif’s building and Women’s jailhouse.

It’s also right across from the Santa Ana football stadium, high school football and Futbol, take your pick. If we get hungry (Again), we have jumbo size Hot dog carts at every corner.

Wait a second…there’s something missing….I can’t quite put my finger on it….YES!, now I remember.

More pics and Video on the Way. And I’ll be wearing my Liberalismisnotmainstream shirt and everyone that got one, before they turned into paint rags, should wear theirs too.

All So Cal peeps that will be attending please Email me at [email protected]

Open thread as always.