Costa Mesa LZ...Obama Landing Zone reconnaissance

Costa Mesa, the first stop of the President’s two-day swing through Southern California

As you know Barack Obama is coming to Costa Mesa on Wed. The location of this town hall meeting follows a trend exhibited by Mr. Obama in previous appearances in Elkhart, Indiana and Fort Myers, Florida. Similar to these cities, Costa Mesa represents a specific area of a state won by Sen. John McCain, despite President Obama winning the state as a whole.

One of the Complexes I work at is a Full block away from the Fairgrounds. So Monday morn was like any other Monday…..except for two attack helicopters that started flying circles above me. They did about 3 circles around and dropped below the houses and trees.

As soon as they vanished, three bigger copters came out of no where. They were flying fast and low. The first two landed straight away. The third one circled a few times then landed.

During this time I realized I had my work camera in the truck. I dropped my tools and jogged over to the truck but it was to late.

I figured they would have to leave so I waited around with the camera ready. I didn’t have to wait long…I heard some rumbling…first two were the attack heli’s…then the three large, one right after the other.

At first I was confused until I remembered Barry’s scheduled trip. But he wasn’t supposed to be here till Wed?

Was it a Landing Zone reconnaissance?…Were they dropping off personnel for security?

Local news says people were lined up all night to get tickets. Unreal.

Somebody chime in if you think you know what they were doing. More Tomorrow.