This morning they [Israeli forces] bombed the fruit market....or...The Fishing has been Slim....OPEN THREAD

This morning they [Israeli forces] bombed the fruit market….or…The Fishing has been Slim….OPEN thread

“It has never been like this before. The assault is coming from the sky, the sea and the ground. The explosion of shells, the gunfire from the tanks and the missiles from planes and helicopters are incessant. The sky is laced with smoke, grey here, black there, as the array of weaponry leaves its distinctive trail.

Most Gazans can only cower in terror in whatever shelter they can find and guess at the cost exacted by each explosion as the toll for those on the receiving end rises remorselessly.

As Israeli forces carved up the Gaza Strip yesterday, dividing the territory in two, the UN warned of a “catastrophe unfolding” for a “trapped, traumatised, terrorised” population.”

Holy Moly!

Hey football fans….how ’bout those Superchargers!