The Almost..LAST CHANCE to guess who BARRY picks for VP Official Redstate Poll

Hope I get this up in time. He should be announcing any second…maybe.

Wow that really scared me..I almost fainted.

I’m reading Sat…. Maybe we’ll check this poll once a day till Sat…Whew

Not who YOU want…Who HE is going to pick

Feel free to leave comments so you can Gloat about how you were right!!

Hope I didn’t miss anybody…Vote Now

Who will Obama pick for VP?
Evan Bayh
John F’n Kerry
Meg F’n Whitman
Joe Biden
Tim Kaine
Kathleen Sebelius
Jack Reed
Chris Dodd
Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
Tom Daschle
Chuck Hagel
Jim Webb
Sam Nunn
Ed Rendell
Micheal Bloomberg
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