I'm surrounded by Zombies...Save yourselves!

Wow what a weekend..What the heck is going on in California?

Everybody knows I was at Campland for a couple of days. Campland is down in San Diego. I have a buddy that lives in Encinitas which is North San Diego County.

So on the way I have to make my Mandatory stop at the Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Cafe at the Lumberyard….Boy…I feel like such a Lib when I order a Mocha Frappaccino/half caf and then sit down with the SD Union Tribune…and then they look at my truck with Liberalismisnotmainstream stickers on the bumper..cracks me up…but I digress…

So I’m driving to my buddies house and I start passing Obama lawn signs….Lots of them.

What’s up I ask him. He says he’s surrounded by people with Bloated egos and Intense BDS.

So I said “Not only did you get a Bad loan for this house you got it in a Bad neighborhood..Ha”…..He didn’t say anything……….oppps.

Anyways…it turns out it’s Infested down here…Here’s one of the stories the paper…

“Individuals can best help the environment by building smaller homes.””The Eco-Home of Tomorrow,” “Forward-thinking architects and real-estate developers are already envisioning the post-bust cycle of home building. And smaller is better.“According to the article, “Home prices are plummeting, in some areas as much as 40%. However, it’s exactly the gravity of the situation that some housing analysts see as the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to jolt us into embracing green housing.

Where’s the scare tactics?..oh, here they are…

“The materials we’re using now aren’t good for our future. The way we’re using energy in our homes now, also isn’t good for our future. The size of the homes we have are all depleting valuable resources. Home development is becoming as much as a problem as our dependence on oil.

Holy moly!!…I better keep it down..everybody’s looking.Well maybe it’s not so bad.. North County has nine major races…10, if you include the city’s District 1 race. I said goodbye to my Encinitas friend and hopped on PCH north to another friend of mine in Laguna Beach. Beautiful little city..you probably saw the TV show…..NOT.Lots of Rich folks there…Listen…LOTS of Rich b….folks. Thalia st. Right and start going up the hill…Holy cr….Obama signs. Like..in Every yard! ALL these people make more than 250,000 per…Obama and the Dems are going to Hammer them…what are they Thinking?I had to go back down to the Cappuccino place by the Surf shop. Mocha Frappaccino/half caf and an OC register please. You want the good news or the bad news. Both?.

“Democrats creeping up in donations with help of Obama’s “rock star” status.””Barack Obama may be way outpacing John McCain in fundraising nationally, but Orange County remains fertile territory for Republican giving. The GOP standard bearer-to-be has received nearly twice as much cash here than his Democratic opponent, according to the latest update of the Register’s campaign database — Follow the Money.”
“Newport Beach continues to be fertile ground for political candidates – more so for Republicans than Democrats. And Laguna Beach is still the best place for Democrats to raise money in Orange County.”

Dude..Newport/Mesa rules over Laguna beach.

“On the other side of the political street, Wylie Aitken, chairman of the Orange County Democratic Foundation, said he’s never had easier time raising money than for the Obama fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club (Newport).””It was the easiest ask I’ve ever had in being involved in politics,” said Aitken. “I didn’t run into any Hillary (Clinton) holdouts or John Edwards holdouts. People realize it’s time to move on.”


“Aitken said it’s not clear yet how much of the money raised was from within Orange County donors, but he’s also sure that they could have collected much more if they’d had more notice about the fundraiser. And he believes Democrats could amass another million for Obama if the Democratic candidate would come back here during the campaign.””The real issue is that money is not an issue with Obama,’ Aitken said. He said even if they could guarantee Obama another million if he came back to OC ‘He may decide that he has more important things to do.’ Like go shopping in such battleground states as Ohio, Florida and the like.””Another candidate who while not getting the GOP nomination showed strong fundraising abilities in Orange County was Ron Paul. Of the $4.4 million the Texas congressman raised nationwide, $226,423 came from OC donors.”

Yes..The Ron Paul stickers around here are Super-sized.

“But Obama should pay special interest in Laguna Beach – to residents of 92651 to be exact. He got $165,607 from donors living there so far, the number one OC zip code for the Democrats. That zip code was number three for McCain – he raised $89,950 there.””Aitken said the question for Orange County Democrats isn’t whether they can raise money for Obama, who Aitken called “the ultimate political rock star.””What isn’t so clear, Aitken said, ‘is how will that translate into funds for down ticket’ candidates, those running for Congress, the state legislature etc.””And the overall numbers show that the GOP is still beating Democrats in campaign giving two-to-one.”

It has to be BDS…I can think of no other reason the people around here would go for Obama…I’m getting very skeptical….What on earth are they showing on Cable news?…I may have to start watching again and find out.

Oh California…what happened..Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, Aaanold, Villarog…Geez, I could go on and on, and then…

And up in San Francisco…”Mayor Gavin Newsom Weds Again”..Are you kidding me?

“Just two years after he and first wife Kimberly Guilfoyle split in a somewhat public and messy divorce, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom married again over the weekend, this time to actress Jennifer Siebel.”
“The couple traveled to her hometown of Stevensville, Montana to tie the knot. Among the guests in attendance were Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and ex-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, according to the Associated Press.””Guilfoyle and Newsom split shortly after the same-sex marriage hubbub when Newsom admitted to having an affair with a staff member of the mayor’s office and to battling a drinking problem.””Newsom later checked into rehab for his addiction.”

Didn’t that addiction have something to do with Truckstops?

“The mayor recently threw his name in the ring as a possible replacement for California Gov. Aaanold Schwarzenegger in 2011. He said he will make his official decision by years end.””According to the Associated Press, the couple plan to honeymoon in Africa.”

Save yourselves…I’ll hold them for as long as I can..Tell Money that ‘Tiger’s rule’ and build the wal……Fence east of Las Vegas!