Will 3.0 affect how often you visit Redstate? Time to take a little Poll.

Everybody loves Polls. This is no joke.

First off this Poll is not about Anybody running things behind the scenes. We know you are doing what you can to make this work.

You people have a killer blogsite and it has been my Favorite for a long time.

This is about the New Layout and/or Format of Redstate 3.0 and how it will affect how often you all come here to blog or read content.

Now please, I understand it’s not Finished…But we’re getting a taste…And there are some things that might not be Implemented for quite some time or never…so…I wonder how it will affect Traffic…it seems to have had an effect already.

Please make your vote ANONYMOUSLY. You can only vote once. Please be honest.

Please read the choices Carefully.

Please do not Recommend or Comment to this blog. Just Vote and Check results once in a while on Sun.

I will post a comment every Hour or two thru Sunday to nudge this blog to the top.

Of course, press View to look at results.

And another thing…Vote first….Don’t peek

Will the new Redstate 3.0 affect how often I visit?
It’s way cool, I will visit more often than before
Doesn’t matter to me, my visits will stay the same
It will definitely reduce my visits
Hey speciallist…take another week off
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