Flip, Flop, Flip Flop


Presidential candidates during the primaries must cater to their party core positions in order to win the nomination. They can move closer to the center once it is secured.

But..When a candidate in a primary election says one thing, then says the opposite in the general election campaign, that’s a Flip. It’s really, Pandering for votes and Lying, rather than taking a position.

It’s really sad that so many voters don’t recognize this, no matter which side the voter is on.

As a California politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger knows what a Flip is. He has excelled in avoiding hard-line positions for the last 5 years give or take a year.

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos he said now that McCain is the guaranteed GOP nominee, he will “hopefully wander a little more to the left.” As for Barack Obama, “what he has done consistently has been very much to the left, and now he’s more and more going to the right.”

“You think that’s smart,” said George.

“That’s what they have to do,” Schwarzenegger replied. Takes one to know one A-nold.

Although consistency is often a virtue, refusal to change ones mind in the face of new facts is not. Some politicians come to a different opinion after 5,10,15 years of due consideration….But…

Obama is too influenced by opinion polls. Fundamental changes in philosophy and inconsistency in stating positions prove that he is indecisive. Obama now seems to be Back Flipping, with a twist, on earlier positions on how quickly he would end the war in Iraq.

He is also flipping his statements (and Website) on the surge’s success. I understand that Obama’s website now indicates that he was always in favor of the surge in Iraq. Next thing you know he will be a war hero.

As for Obama rejecting public financing for his presidential run, it’s hard to couch it any other way than a flip.

In just a few short months he has also flipped on issues like FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), Cuba, Iran, nuclear energy, wearing a flag pin, the telecom industry, capital gains and now he apparently he is willing to meet with Gen Petreaus.

It’s one thing to oppose offshore drilling when gasoline is selling at $2 a gallon, but foolish to oppose it when it’s $4 a gallon and we’re sending $700 billion abroad for foreign oil, much of it financing corrupt and sometimes hostile regimes.

It’s one thing to oppose tax cuts when the economy is healthy, but foolish to support tax increases when it’s in economic trouble.

Hey Obama why don’t you flip on taxes and oil drilling, Maybe I’ll send you some money……not.

Obama portrayed himself as a different kind of candidate, who put principles above politics. His flipping is most disturbing to supporters who picture him as a messiah rising above the Din.


In the year 2006, “the American people” decided “they´d had enough of the Republican shenanigans.” Bluntly, they´d had enough of George W. Bush and his administration “lying us into war, violating the constitution and doing its best to shred that fine document”…(Hurl)

They felt that once the Democrats were in power they would impeach the president. But Nancy Pelosi, that congresswoman from California, said that impeachment was off the table.

They said Nancy was just playing politics and that once the Democrats took over the “pressure would build, she´d change her tune, impeachment proceedings would begin, worries of a new war with Iran would subside, flowers would bloom, children would frolic and play, the world would be set to rights and all would be harmonious in the universe.”…(Hurl)

And so the Democrats became the majority in both the House and Senate and they waited for something to happen. They waited for change to come. It never did.

It´s been nearly two years now and still nothing has changed. Nothing has been accomplished. It should be obvious to the Libs by now that the Democrats have once again betrayed them. Just last week they had a chance to vote down a piece of legislation that would validate Bush´s actions. This bill, the new “FISA Amendments Act”, should have easily been defeated since the Democrats have control of both the House and the Senate…Right? But it was not. The House passed it and the Senate passed it by a large margin. Many Democrats flocked to the Republicans´ side and once again betrayed those who voted them into office. And so Liberals are once again ignored and excluded by their own party.

Flip flop

Now…Let’s look at the flip flops that Hillary has done over the years..you know what they say…It’s a women’s prerogative.

The Utopian: At Wellesley College in 1969, where in her commencement speech, she told her classmates, “We’re searching for more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living.”

The Risky Business, or The Rebecca: In 1992, during a campaign stop with then-presidential candidate Bill.

The Big Bang, or The Blond Ambition: In 1994, debuting what was then a new pageboy style for the First Lady.

The Barbara Bush: An unfortunate bouffant look from 1995 makes her look almost…dare I say…Republican.

The Pump Up the Volume: Facing the Whitewater grand jury in 1996. Perhaps she was trying to overpower her inquisitors with hairspray fumes.

The Neat and Greet: A pert look from the First Lady in May 2000. She was elected to the Senate in November of that year.

The Madame Senator: Clinton in 2001. The short, no-nonsense ‘do Clinton has sported during her Senate years says she means business.

The Fast and Loose or, The Rod Stewart: Clinton’s softly ruffled version of her signature look is almost worthy of Ellen DeGeneres….oooh Maggie..nevermind

The Runner-Up, or The Helmet Hopeful: The former presidential candidate in June 2008, as July rolled around, she was ready for a change, so she changed her part to the left (used to be on the Right).

Hillary is the biggest Flip flopper out there…how come the MSM doesn’t report it?